1. imported_Da_G


    may be a stupid question(im from nederland so i dont know all the words) but what are credits
  2. S

    bigger kamahamahaa

    um yeah i have a kamahamaha like that just made it, took me 3 weeks to make, and you can see through it, BUT. in side that hugh KAmaahamaha theres the reguler kamahamaha. but you can still see the person or ppl in that bad boy. AND!!! this pack i alrdy have have sprites and the explosions are...
  3. We$$ide

    The reskin of BrightBlade

    Like the thread says, this isnt mine reskin!!!! dl link : i think the black spots should be changed into vegetas skin!!! but guys give BrightBlade some crits!!!
  4. Wangster

    2 bgs, and a budugly sig you can have ^_^

    here, as the title says: sig: BG N1: BG N1: you can have the sig, but give crits on the bg!
  5. P

    Made a simple Map

    Hello, I made a very simple Map :) But it is also great ;) you can destroy some parts of the battlefield. and the sky gives you the dbz feel *hrhr* please give me a feedback *g* So, check it out : cYa PayJay ;)
  6. Ultra33Gokussj3

    young gohan - saiyan saga

    I have done a gohan from saiyan saga when he was training with piccolo , to meat the saiyans , :laff: , the model s done Heres a pic: Should i release it?:devgrin:
  7. DogLord

    Lord Nestor......WIP...for 1.1

    heres another necroscope character.....Lord Nestor.....nestor has leprecy (hope i'm spellin that right)'s the only disease the wamphyri can't fight he hides his face and body......this is what he's kinda gonna look like finished....he'll have 2 forms and maybe even a...
  8. Moshe Kipod Ham

    Videl model reskin

    I didn't like the original face so I changed it. Gimme crits tell me what 2 change or if I should release it Crits: original modeller of esf's trunks & nuttzy aka metal4brainz
  9. Nuttzy

    for those of you waiting for pro's frieza

    undoubtedly his will be better, tis is more or less a recolor and rescale of the alpha meta cooler on redsaiyan, its tested and it works just fine ingame, aside from the death ball being a bit low, (inside his body) but itll tide you over, and as crappy as it be its better than the current...
  10. darklord_avalon

    Videl Model (needs skinning)

    :devgrin: check it out my videl model needs skin....:laff: (uses head part of body and legs of trunks) creds to esf and creator of trunks
  11. sexyasian86

    Dante Finshed

    Credits: Logan for bottom half of Dante. Shijing for Wings on demon. Original Trunks Model. after couple hours and a day. i've finished the Dante model. ^_^ crits? making a demon transformation for him. from devil may cry 2. peace
  12. Emeka650

    namek terrain

    Here is a namek terrain I made i easy gen. Crits and what you think. The green isnt water its just too show off how the water will look when its made
  13. VivaLaPineapple

    a simple wallpaper

    comments and crits plz
  14. Z

    Matrix Tut.

    *edited for ripping copyrighted content
  15. R

    errrmmm...and so I changed something.... that my chargebar would look like this,this esp. points to Zerg fans <img src=""> I need some crits so that I can make a custom HUD and no Im not doing any Protos or Terran HUDs
  16. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Vegeta ^_^ (WIP)

    ok got a torso in the works here for vegeta, if ya could gimme some crits on it so far that would be great, anyways, here it is... (i know the straps are missing :P )
  17. VivaLaPineapple

    website header

    im constructing a website layout for a friend so far ive only done the header. im aware it is a bit grundge orientated but ya know what what? grundge is easy to do and it looks somewhat decent on websites plus im not getting paid to do this so i went for the easy root. anyway commetns and crits plz
  18. G

    My First Model Edit Ever.

    Guys today I was bored I decided to practice milkshape when I try to put another models head on a body model from another Trunks it was hard but thanks to LOGAN this what I come up with.Please dont be hard on me is my very first model edit ever. COPY&PASTE LINK TO GO TO MY WEBSITE AND CHECK THE...
  19. G

    GT Vegeta Reskin

    I wanted a black haired version of GT VEGETA from BROLLMAN'S SSJ4 VEGETA PACK so I didnt found one I decided to do a reskin myself probably people would loved to have an black haired GT Vegeta so I did this which it came out pretty awesome :laff: If you people wanted contact me...
  20. J

    Quick Halo 2 wallpaper

    crits and feedback plz.