1. Mkilbride

    Bethesda - an embarrassment to modern developers. (Fix for poor CPU performance)

    Turns out they coded Skyrim in x87...a 22 year old instruction set, that has none of the performance benefits of processors since 10 years ago. Infact, even Oblivion was x86, so it's quite odd. Infact some modders have taken it upon themselves to create a hardware layer to add more modern CPU...
  2. Mkilbride

    Fastest CPU Frequency achieved - 8.2GHZ

    http://www.guru3d.com/news/new-cpu-frequency-world-record--8199mhz/ May be an old chip, but impressive.
  3. G

    Wanting to upgrade mobo + cpu

    So my comp has been bleh for a while now. I was thinking of getting the Core 2 Duo either 2.4ghz or 2.66. However, I don't know how to go about searching for a decent motherboard. I'm looking at a price range (on the mobo) of... hopefully below $200, if possible. Can anyone suggest a relatively...
  4. dan_esf_fanatic

    How will upgrading to a 64-bit CPU improve my PC's performance?

    Well, I got some money for my birthday, so I thought I'd buy myself a new CPU, since almost all the new games I buy lag. I don't think it's in my RAM, I have 512 MB of RAM, and I think that isn't too little for games. I'm currently using AMD Athlon 2200+ 32-bit, so how much will game performance...
  5. dan_esf_fanatic

    CPU confusion.

    I've been confused for some time about my CPU power, so I thought it was about time to ask. Alright. I have an AMD CPU, 2200+. It says I have a box 1.8 GHz. It was said to me that my PC was like if I had a Intel with 2.2 GHz. Is this true? Example:AMD CPU Sempron 64 3200+ Socket AM2, L2 Cache...
  6. |Overlord|

    CPU & GPU On one silicon die

    http://theinquirer.net/default.aspx?article=33678 However, it leads me to question if such a product will use up room on the processor that would otherwise be used for other processor cores.
  7. bapplebo

    Ways to cool down your CPU

    The whole system has been getting temps of over 140 Degrees Fahrenheit, and 60 Degrees Celcius. I wonder, without spending much money, how I can cool down my system? The case is currently off, and an external fan uses too much electricity.
  8. KidMan


    OK this is kinda an odd question but what is a better 64 bit CPU? Socket 478 Socket 479 Socket 604 Socket 754 Socket 939 Socket 940 I currently have a 939 64 Bit.
  9. DragonDude

    CPU @ 100%, 100% of the time?!

    Augh... where to begin... I've seen my number of weird problems, but never anything like this problem I noticed two days ago. I look at the task manager, and my computer is running at 100%, all of the time, and because of this, it runs slow as hell and crashes frequently. My first thought...
  10. ZeroNightmare

    Help with Computer Health. Processes & CPU

    Alright. I've noticed lately that my comps ben freezing up alot. I've also noticed that I have ALOT of processes running (like 50-60...) I know what a handfull of them are, but the others... eh. Some of them are useless, I am wondering to remove processes so it doesnt waste my memory and...
  11. M

    100% CPU usage

    Hello there, i got a big problem with ESF, my CPU usage jumps up to 100%. Cause of this high CPU usage, the games lag like hell. Screenshots: Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 PC: Athlon 64 Winchester 3000+ 1024 MB Ram Rad 9600 XT I hope you can help me... Mythery
  12. owa

    Which CPU

    Yeah yeah, do the poll, leave a comment. Need feedback. I'm building a PC, and I'm curious to know which CPU I should invest in. I hear AMD 64bit is good, so I may be leaning for an AMD CPU, but whatever.
  13. Optimus Prime

    100% CPU Usage??

    Anyone know why my CPU usage is 100% when all I have running in the background are 36 processes, MSN, and one internet explorer window?
  14. Jonesdaniel

    CPU Driver

    Hi, before i updated my motherboard and stuff, i used to have a programme telling me what type of cpu and stuff i had, so i could download a driver for it. I dont suppose any of you guys could help a little on what to look for to see what i have to update and what programme i could use to find...
  15. V

    ***Setsuna (ESF/TS) Released***

    Far (really far^^) from perfection^^ but still fun… Mirrors largely appreciated http://shinvolsung.free.fr/esf_ts.htm
  16. A

    I need help getting original model!!!!!

    i downloaded a model for goku(SSJ4) and put it as my ssj form, it ended up being a peice of ****. I wanted to go back to normal ssj model but i dont have another file. I need help, can someone give me a link so i can get the origanal ssj goku model? Thanx.
  17. Sonic the Vampire

    CPU resources (Non-ESF Related) or lack thereof

    This computer... ...well it has random... issues, on startup. Once in a while when I reboot it my moniter ends up with tons of colored lines through it (from the DOS prompt, so it must be a motherboard issue) until I reboot it again, where it may or may not still have those big lines running...
  18. Styles

    Kill my cpu!?

    Well this is a very noobish question but I've never had to do it b4 ever! Since I can't play online and lot's of other problems on my cpu how do I wipe the computer completely to how I first got it ? Well if you understand me I'd appreciate the help but if you don't understand just tell me...
  19. MONXver1.5

    my art

    Err where is it?