1. Chakra-X

    Sol, a try at a more tonal style of digital painiting

    I enjoy digital paint because of the lack of mess, cost, and convenience of having everything you need on a screen. However, I've done mostly cell shading and not any "realistic" types of shading, so I decided to color in my character Sol in his new design with this style. Inked on paper...
  2. D

    teleports cost less

    ive never really understood why teleporting takes so much ki, especially since theyre not actually teleporting just moving extremely fast to make it simple heres a diagram heres your ki bar _________|__________________________ teleports cost this much on your ki bar (look at line)...
  3. Mccdbz5

    Higher Ki Cost for Faster Characters

    Well, if you know in 1.2, the slower your character is, the higher ki cost they have, and I'm thinking to myself, shouldn't it be the other way around? Well my suggestion is that, the faster your character is, the higher their ki cost is. Mainly because, if you look at it, if your ki cost is...
  4. D

    OK,My ps2 and I had an accedent,Repairs Cost how much?

    How much can it cost to repair my playstation2?,I had an accedent and the disk trey doesnt open or close as it should,its original ps2,i cant use my warranty,i was just wondering if anyone has had to repair there playstation 2.Would i be better off buying another because this 1 was getting...
  5. F

    does esf cost something?

    does esf cost something:confused:
  6. G

    how much does wow cost to play?

    i been looking around but i cant see anywhere how much it really cost's to play each month? right now my computer is totally all out crappy so i cant play wow, but iam about to buy a new computer and really looking forword gaming wow but i would really like to know how much it costs to play...
  7. M

    reduce energy cost

    please do so im sick and tired of having to power up every 5 secs and then get hit from some pest noob or when im so close to the enmey to hit them yet im out of energy please reduce the energy cost im tired of powering up so much to thne get kiled and have some stupid noob say omfg L33t i...
  8. G

    model makers come here and tell me where i can get software

    i need software so i can make models and maps im a great designer so i can make awesome maps and models and i wont hold them for myself ill give to all even if red sayian wants to hold it they can so tell me
  9. ScooterMan

    Arty program??? Which ONE???

    Can someone please tell me the best program to use when making ur own sig. Why its good and if its free or expensive cause i really wanna make my own sig i just have no idea how or what program to use. Im thanking you in advance for not abusing and flaming me and instead just telling me...
  10. Guru_San

    Cost me? Bann this dude!

    Hey Guys this guy at my school has ISDN (I have a56k) and i asked him if he oculd dl me beta and burn it to disc for me and he said yeh it would be fine, so he takes his time about it, im ont that bothered, but then.... he says in history to me. Nerd Guy: "I Got that ESF Beta thing on Disc!"...
  11. MastaKilla

    future Realism

    I was wondering but in the future(if halflife like advances or improves), can u make maps that make relistic damage of the objects of the map. for example, goku gets hit and plows into the building creating damage of the building. OR, Vegita getting hit by a beam and hits a small hill which gets...
  12. B

    Read This

    what do you use to make models for ESF:p
  13. dudeman


    hey all another map is finished.. it was suppused to be esf_snakeway but i had to change the name to something else so i made it dman_snakeway.... screenies: the map: also...
  14. Emeka650


    To make a map what will I need and what will it cost.Because I would love to make maps for a mod.I dont really need what I need.Just the cost.
  15. S

    Help me out please?

    lo guys my 1st post:) anyways im getin into Game Deisgn next year but im completely new so can anyone tell me a good program to use for models? maybe give me a site to vist please? thanks alot all i might try and make a modle for ESF :) anyways thanks all for ur time c ya's l8r
  16. B


    what do u all use to model with?
  17. S

    Lil Custom thing for ESF

    Welcome to Red Saiyan Shop lol Funny.. Kiblast 5$ each Buy the kiblast Red Aura 150$ Buy this Kewl aura Red Glow around Aura only 54 cents! Buy This is fits well with the Aura lol It do not cost anything.. just fooling around. Go look at the website of Red saiyan and have...