Cost me? Bann this dude!

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Apr 16, 2002
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Hey Guys this guy at my school has ISDN (I have a56k) and i asked him if he oculd dl me beta and burn it to disc for me and he said yeh it would be fine, so he takes his time about it, im ont that bothered, but then.... he says in history to me.

Nerd Guy: "I Got that ESF Beta thing on Disc!"
Guru: "Really? Nice one pass it here!"
.: Takes it out his bad :.
Nerd Guy: "Here ya go, but of course there's a charge!"
Guru: "What? You didnt tell me that b4!"
Nerd Guy: "£10 please!"
.: Starts laughing.... :.
Guru: "Eh, im not going to pay you, this download is free.... Sure i will pay for the disc etc but not £10!"
Nerd Guy: "Fine, no disc!"
Guru: "Screw u then!"

So eh, when i find his e-mail could u not give him into trouble for that or like ban him from EsF for selling it, isnt that like not loud???

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Jan 4, 2002
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he downloaded it for you and burned it on cd
now he wants to get paid for doing it

cant see a problem(at least not for me)
sorry to tell you, but handle your problems yourself


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