1. Cap J

    Corrupt a Wish - The Inevitable Return

    Most people are probably know the drill, especially the old members. If you don't here's how it goes: Step 1) Someone makes a wish. Step 2) The next poster grants the wish but makes the outcome bad. Step 3) That person then makes thier own wish. Crappy example: Poster 1: I wish I had...
  2. Tassadar

    Corrupt a Wish Revistited

    Since I liked the last one, and because of a lack of new threads around in the good 'ole off-topic section, I decided to make a new one. Works like this, Person A wishes for something, Person B corrupts that wish, and makes a new wish. Example: I wish I had all the new Next-Gen consoles...
  3. FF|Thundgot

    Corrupt a Wish

    This is simple: I say a wish, and you make a nice answer with a bad following: Example: Person 1: I wish I was rich Person 2: You get rich but everyone near you dies OK, here we go with my wish: I wish I was FF Network Manager
  4. clen

    Corrupt a Wish Times Four

    That's right I did it o_o. Below is an example of how it works: The guy that posts above you makes a wish, example : I wish for control over the universe you corrupt it with your own interpritation or your own view on his wish, in this case a downside/negative side to his wish, example ...
  5. |Overlord|

    Corrupt a wish.... for the 3rd time

    Well, title says all. For those people that don't know how to play the game let me post an little example below: The guy that posts above you makes a wish, example : I wish for control over the universe you corrupt it with your own interpritation or your own view on his wish, in this case...
  6. |Overlord|

    Corrupt a wish... again :D.

    Well, I guess a majority of us remember a thread of the same title reaching 40+ pages. For those of you who are newer I will explain how to paly this little game. Wisher: I wish for thongs Corruption (something you think up as a side affect of the wish etc) : You get your thongs, but then...
  7. SaiyanPrideXIX

    Corrupt custom avatars

    Is anybody else's avatar all scrambled? What's the deal?
  8. L

    Corrupt a wish

    I noticed the Off-Topic section was getting kinda dull each time I here's how to play, you corrupt the person-above-you's wish and make your own wish. (Ex. Person 1 - I wish for a chinease buffet. Person 2 - You get one, you eat and eat until you explode!!!! Person 2 -...
  9. G

    Skel vid corrupt

  10. S

    backup CD is corrupt... i think

    I recently reformatted, and i had saved all my vital files on CD, but i come to use the CD and it takes forever to see wat on there, and wen i try to copy anythin, it says the source isnt found :S ....... if any1 knows a way to help i'd much appreciate it
  11. sF^McKenzie

    corrupt download

    hello 7 months ago i played esf sometilmes and now i wanted to play it gain. i download the esf v 1.2 lite but when i install it, it comes to the point that it says .....esfcity.bsp it keeps loading that thing for ages and then it says my disk is full. ive got 1.95 Gyg of free space on that...
  12. F

    Corrupt Installation?

    ok, i downloaded beta 1.2 from oktagone, but when i try to install it, towards the end of the installation i get a corrupt file error. i thought oktagone was a good mirror, what's going on? and if you say to redownload esf, im going to cry because i only have dial-up.
  13. Z

    All of you who have corrupt dls, plz post the links here:

    After 13hrs, and 1.5 dls this link seems to be corrupt: I get an I/O error when trying to install
  14. S

    It says I have an I/O error with a corrupt file...

    thats what it said when i try to install it, can anyone help me?
  15. R

    Corrupt installation file

    I downloaded ESF 2 times and both times when i install the game, it installs till it gets to esf.wad and then it says an error has occured. If i press abort it says corrupt installation file. Can someone pls just send me the file because i really need it :warning:
  16. B

    Corrupt File

    When I install it it says I have a corrupt instiliation file. :cry: