1. H

    Hey what addon do you think is cooler for esf?

    I have tried both and I want some opinion so I know which one to keep so do you think EVM is better or EEA?
  2. D


    Can some1 make a Cooler model?(Final Form)
  3. H


    Im not looking for help... but can somebody please ell me where to find a good cooler model? I got nuttzy's but the frieza2.mdl file is corrupt...I transform from cooler1 to FRIEZA2..heheheh anyway al the other files work and im not looking 4 help...just for anther me please
  4. N

    Which show is cooler?

    Dragonball Dragonball Z Dragonball Z GT
  5. F

    make things look cooler

    esf is a cool game i guess it should have more cool stuff like goku doing some kaoken and turning all red and freaking ppl out and stuff and like gohan going at rage and stuff when they press " t "
  6. shadow_wolf

    Cooler Soundpack

    i want a cooler soundpack i know there is one on redsaiyan but pratically none of the sounds in that pack are even cooler i was just wondering if anybody had 1 from the american movies not in japanese...
  7. S

    request: cooler model

    i nned a cooler model can someone give me a link?
  8. C

    Cooler Masenko for Gohan

    Now if you guys ever get around to this thread hear me out. If youve been watching cartoon network its in the freiza saga. I saw somthing very cool. Gohan did a masenko but instead the the two hands over his head he held one arm at the wrist and he charged it with one hand.... i think...
  9. U

    Yamcha, Cooler, Gotenks Sound Packs(More too!!)

    Well, after thinking about what I could add to the ESF community and realizing that I have no artistic talent (So Mapping, Modeling, and Skinning were out of the question) I thought Sound packs might be fun. I am looking for help on making soundpacks and figuring out the best approaches...
  10. Ã

    ssj4Bebi vegta

    yo all i edited this new model and i came up with ssj4Bebi vegta i would have the pic 4 u ppl today but it be like at 4 or 5p.m(FL time) by there it look cool u see :D :D
  11. H

    Naruto Wallpaper

  12. The Noodler

    Just a quick pic i drew

    Yea i drew this like about a weak ago, fomr a ref pic i dont know where i put that. anyways its the samurai pizza cats ( if anyone around her remebers them) and i drew them in kinda of a matrix look, well her it is:
  13. Nuttzy

    form 2 cooler, (or 5th if your a dbz nerd)

    edit****** FINISHED MODEL!!!!, if you crit it keep it simple so i can fix it the chrome looks wierd cuz thats a milkshape screenshot, not hlmv, it looks proper in hlmv, now i got to assign the guy to frieza2's skeleton ******************** official, hes ingame, and...
  14. HyperSaiyaman

    Cooler 2nd transformation Project

    I've been thinking to make starting from Crackerjack's cooler model to make a transformation, i invite specially Crackerjack and all modellers that wanna join to make this model i think if we work together we can make it, here's a pic i made of how it could b: Thank You for reading.
  15. S

    namek goku

    heres a goku when he was on namek before he want ssj im gonna make him more battle dameged just a little u know tears were his shirt ripped off. hers pic. im not done yet. credits to soccer azn smo orig goku modeler and i think thats all. critz?
  16. MysticVegeta

    Help me please

    Am making a cooler model but i cant reskin the head right. Can somebody please Help me??? Their is a black with red thing on his head i have a pic if somebody can host it you can see
  17. A

    I need some ideas for model edits..

    I need some ideas for some DBZ model edits. Im not doing anything that has been RELEASED!.
  18. Eon

    Wondering Who is just overall cooler?

    Majin_You and myself had a little conversation yesterday about the two space pirates of Metroid. which do you like better? Which do you think is tougher? And just for the hell of it, I threw in their old NES themes ;)(you will get a webpage brought up,saying "click here to download/watch...
  19. S

    NoN ESF, Optimus Prime

    Hi guys, just posted the new Optimus Prime skinned model for Rivalry of Legends, Check the potw for a full screen render!!! Thanks for your comments and critz Showster
  20. L

    Cooler Model

    i've deciced to try a cooler model but cant seam to find any good pics of him.. can any of you post any if you got them... or post any sites that a lot of pics of him? thanks a lot.