1. dman86

    Cooler's transformation(s)

    Help: How do you transform into Meta Cooler?
  2. shadowcast

    Cooler, Lemming style

    well..might aswell post it now that some people know of LBZ...:P Its still a WIP has somewhere around 1500 tris :P Enjoy...if you can :P
  3. imkongkong

    Laptop Cooler

    I'm deciding between these two. The Zalman probably cools a lot better and would last longer but cost twice as much. The Antec cost half the price, but...
  4. Suh Dude

    Looking for a US retailer that sells this XBox 360 cooler

    I've googled and finally found a picture of it. It's called the GameExpert Cooler King. I was wondering if anyone has seen this around in some other sites they buy accesories from. I only seen it in UK online stores and I'd like to buy it from the US. It draws power from the A/V slot, no way of...
  5. H

    cooler vs pui pui

    who will win??(it's kinda chill in this anime i open this thread)
  6. H

    future Trunks vs Cooler

    I know this is a VS thread again and it soundsstupid to everyone. but i still hope everyone can answer my confusion. what if Future Trunks and Final Cooler fight against each other. who would be the strongest.(who would win!?) PS: kinda noob in this type of thread.....
  7. DBZhell

    New Cooler [WIP]

    Started modeling cooler. Wip: I used this as a ref:
  8. U

    what if frieza and cooler were both in namek

    what would happan!? can goku had any chance to win!?
  9. U

    cooler is a super changeling!?

    this question has confuse me so long. according to frieza's speach that 4th form was the changeling's final form but somehow cooler surpass the limit that regular changeling can't able to reach. and also cooler's primary form is 4th form and much stronger then frieza and other changeling in...
  10. U

    cooler vs ssj goku jr

    who will win!?
  11. U

    Cooler vs Supergirl Kal

    who will win the match!? kal or cooler!?
  12. U

    cooler vs ssj goku (namek saga)

    since goku took dawn cooler with his ssj easily but i still wondering what if goku ssj in namek face cooler final form, who will win? PS: since goku attemp to take dawn frieza so hard in namek, i guess that would be a true match with cooler!
  13. E

    EVS Cooler

    Modeled by DBZ Hell. Skinned by DBZ Hell. All from scratch, he's making new animations for that model, and tail is fully animated ;D ( don't mind the skin, he's still changing it ) Crits ?
  14. F

    Cooler [W.I.P]

    Again i havnt posted here in a while was inspired by zeq2 models so i wanted to make one more dbz model. somebody maybe seen it on zeq2 forums but so many ppl havnt replied so i post it here. about the chess I will match it after I will have a full model done its a bit hard to make legs I...
  15. D

    If you remember these you're cooler than people who don't

    If you were around for these, you know what's up hah
  16. U

    Cooler vs Trunks

    Who's the strongest? The time is for the future before Trunks arrived in the past(before he trained from spirit of time room)
  17. Y

    Dome explosions are cooler than the current..

    Ya they are! They also resemble the ones in the acual series better also.
  18. G

    Cooler: Not Recommended

    A few times, I've seen people say something similar to "Although, if ESF included movie characters, we'd want people such as Cooler and Broli." I'm just saying I don't think he'd make a good character. He doesn't have many moves, Budokai 3 even had to give him Sauza's moves. And, if you...
  19. A

    Cooler Sig!

  20. Kurachi

    cooler map

    can somebody give me some pics of the place where goku and cooler were fighting? i'm going to make a map... when i have them i'll begin on it and later i'll give you some screenshots :)