1. LOPAO

    New combo / Controls

    FOr all players to bo a special combo Like goku.. to full power make a combo special teleport punch and more and at last a blast That wanna macke the game much great:X and don't say he's not. But this will be something great. It was much great and amazing if you macke the blast with...
  2. M

    Controls question

    Hello there sorry for the questions i don't know much about this. Anyway is it possible to use a controller like a 360 controller for this game? Probably not but you don't know 'til you ask :)
  3. D

    How to: Game controls

    I was searching for awhile and haven't found a thread on how to play. I remember there used to a write up on the ESF's homepage awhile back. Currently I know how to do everything but when you have the melee selected.. attack to throw. It is what I'm looking for. I think info on this would...
  4. wheres_

    Metroid prime 3- Expert controls

    As we played a new single-level demo of the Prime 3 at Nintendo's Wii event in New York City, the game's designers told us that we absolutely needed to try the new "expert" control mode. They explained that they hoped it would satisfy our cravings for first-person maneuverability similar to a...
  5. M

    I need help with controls .s READ!

    Heh! i dont no how to transform to ssj or fight with other, i dont even know how to shut blasts and make super moves and melee, pls mail me :yes: O_O :laff:
  6. Tassadar

    Interuptable Controls

    The unresponiveness of ESF is the only beef I have with it. Often the charecters are too slow to stop after swooping, I find myself waiting one second after ending a swoop before I can start powering up. Even on a ping of 50. 1 second means everything in this game. I would propose every move...
  7. V

    Newb Needs Help with controls

    how do I throw ppl and perform combos
  8. DustMan2704

    Steam deleting controls

    wtf is wrong with that prog its deleting all of my control settings and graphical settings after a few anybody know how to fix this?
  9. S

    No controls? Wtf, Can't bind any.

    I enter the game (fresh install of beta 1.1, yes I know 1.2 is the newest but I wanted to give EVM a whirl, but it isn't installed yet, just beta 1.1) and I go to "Keyboard" to configure my controls, and NOTHING is listed, what file in the esf folder allows me to bind them *sigh* manually.
  10. L


    I installed ESF fine,. the game works fine. I do have a problem tho, well first off when i go to play ESF it's in the half-life bakcground, 2nd off when i go to controls i cant see any, its empty. I can bind most commands in console but I dont know the lines for turning on the radar and other...
  11. SSFT

    No controls!

    Well, steam was working fine and dandy before, but for some reason my control setup is gone, and when I go to change them back, there is no control options, like, everything is gone. Hard to explain with text, but basically, the control screen is blank, where normally it would have a list like...
  12. Lt.Zack

    Cant change controls in Steam......

    how can I change my controls for ESF in steam without editing the damn config.cfg
  13. Z

    About controls...

    I reinstalled ESF and in "Options" in "Keyboard" where you set your control,s it's completly blank and i can't do ANYTHING, i clicked reset and stuff but nothijng happens.! HELP!
  14. B

    help with controls

    im new dont flame me, my keyboard menu doesnt show up, its like glitched and i have no keys, when i joined a game i had to manually type bind "w" +forward, i was wondering, if you use ALL the default keys if you can please coyp and paste ur config here or if theres some sort of fix out there...
  15. Death Penalty

    help with controls

    every time i log onto esf, my character becomes frozen or something because he wont move around the map... it lets me rotate in place but thats about it, anyone know the problem? i use steam if that is one of the problems
  16. NinJa HunteR

    Can't edit Controls in Steam...

    Hi. I Simply Can't in the options menu there's nothing (i only can play with defaults). But that's not a BIG problem because i use to play with defaults.
  17. C

    my controls

    ok i have my controls set way dfifferently from the default ones...left click is forward,rightclick is backwards,S is strafe left,D is strafe right,Ctrl is fire,Alt is alternative fire,Shift is block,Z is tele,A is jump,and X is u can see my controls arent what most people use...but...
  18. C

    problem with controls

    hi everybody, if got a very annoying problem, i cant configure my controls while using steam with the mod. can somebody post please his config oder just he needed commands to play. greetz cyC
  19. MasterTrix


    I can't move, can't do anything because my controls aren't working, I can't hange my controls, I can't see nothing when I click on "keyboard" (Steam) Please help me, this is ****ty :no: :cry:
  20. M


    when i go to keyboard in the options there are no keys... theres only one little box that has nothing in do i get controls???