1. L

    Constant windows explorer crashes.

    Every time I close a window, the windows explorer error comes up and restarts explorer.exe. I had recently fell victim to a "3wMedia player" or something like that, which was linked from a false movie torrent. ISOHunt for the loss, #1 seeded can no longer be trusted. ****ing Beowulf. I've...
  2. M

    Constant Internet Disconnections

    I've been experiencing this problem for some time now, and I've tried everything to fix or at least limit the amount of disconnections I get. Either browsing the internet or playing a game online, I continously get disconnected. These are the things I've tried to improve my connection...

    Constant crahsing

    I keep getting crashes with 1.2.3 or what ever the latest patch is. I joined a server and when the map changed the game crashed to my desk top and every thing was big. font and all. so then i rebooted my pc and joined a server it froze befor i could even pick a team and charachter :/ is...
  4. T

    Constant Crashing

    Is anyone else having constant crashes, always within five minutes of starting a game? I am. Yes, I have the 1.2.1 patch installed. I have a new computer with premium dsl. It has nothing to do with the way I installed it. It is very aggrivating!
  5. C

    constant crashing problem

    hello again, I am having a crashing problem with esf for awhile now. I have looked on this board for answers/faqs and have found none. The game crashes everytime I play (unless I quit before it crashes) :rolleyes: But I never got past 4 million pl. I only experience this problem with esf mod...
  6. Amitron

    Help Constant Refreshing!

    Alright well this little problem i have here has almost driven me insane.... Basically what it does is everytime i load up a webpage or something once it gets done it refreshs it! Which is especially annoying if you are typing something and it refreshes it and gets rid of it :S . Now in...
  7. S

    Constant CRASH

    ok im having a lil trouble with my comp crashing when ever im playing ESF. usually, ill b playing a game pver then net or hosting my own server and all will b fine. (for about an hr or so)\ and then all of a sudden bang, Crash, no sound no warning no nothing, my system will freez and thats...
  8. Vengaurd

    file hosting...

    im looking for someone to host my files, or a way to get a free webiste (i used homestead but now they charge so...) im a constant game editor and need a reliable way to put my stuff on the web. any sugetions?
  9. G

    Crash Constant!!

    it keeps crashing when i go ssj with anyone and alot times it just crashes when people start battling and it crashes when i use spirit bomb with goku here my computer i have windows xp pentuim 4 2.0 ghz 512 ram 8 mb video card and t1 cable modem whats wrong!!!HELP ME if you can help email me at...