1. Skyrider

    The Arcade is back! Feedback, comments needed!

    I've re-added the arcade, but it's a different one than the one I installed in the past. There's only a few games on it for now so you guys can play around with it. I've added a few classic and "newer" type games. Yes, I know the "newer" games have...
  2. DiebytheSword

    the End of the ESF Forums (Comments)

    Well, I've decided to finish this up from my remaining notes. Hopefully I can get in contact with Smith and see if he's still interested. I'll be posting what was archived in order in a separate thread which was stickied.
  3. DiebytheSword

    Spark of Divinity: Comments and Criticisms

    Comment on or criticize my fanfic here. . . . and thank you for reading!
  4. PiXel

    Energie-med. Info School (comments please)

    Yeh, it was my first time that i´ve done something for money and for a use =) all the pics there contain to my work, (the main pic, and if you enter the first pics on the right, their like 7% of all i´ve done for them, and the size is bigger though)...
  5. Kaination


    just a short quick suggestion <3 it or hate it. maybe add comments for news on the front page?
  6. K

    The Dukes of Hazzard. Post your comments

    Well, i went to see it the day it opened, and wow, i love that movie. Went again the next night with a friend and saw it again. I want that car so bad :shocked:
  7. S

    Comments on Joe's FXscript

    good **** man
  8. C

    Hand, Refs,drawovers, crits and comments. plz

    Hey guys... I'm modeling a hand for a sasuke that I am doing. There's somthing just not right about it and so i thought you guys can mayby point it out. I havent gotten to the point of "Removing useless poly's" YET. But please point out what you think is not needed. Current tris are about...
  9. Linda

    comments on apocyliptic world painting

    well... i had a request from someone to do a guy in an apocolyptic world. i decided id do it sort of monocrhomatic. heres the first....... kind of inappropriate comments so dont read them if u dont like stuff like that..... heh. and here's the second work in progress, about an hour...
  10. DBXMe2

    HR GIGER Still life project comments?

    here is a model I made with a friend, not going to edit the model, cause well.. I'm lazy, and dont have a MAC to work onto it, so I cant edit the model, even if I wanted to.. and besides was for school, and for marks.. so really dont care.. BUT if I was to change something what would it be...
  11. S

    First model, comments please

    Hi! This is based on a concept by Drake. It is a handheld welder, and the skin is only the concept pasted on as skin XD. This is my first complete model, so please comment, especially about the smoothing. I will make fitting skinmaps later. <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400"...
  12. S

    first model...crits n comments please

    First time model, crit and comment as harshly as you can...its supposed to be super buu if u cant tell. oh yeah...I could use some advice too, I really really really really want to finish this model...unfortunately, after several hours with LithUnwrap, I could not find out for...
  13. N

    i'm still working in it..please crits an comments..

    well i made some totally new style.. please give me crits and comments.. becouse i'm still working in it.. so tell me what you think ? name : digitall love story : digitall girl give her hart to somebody... to show how much she care.. greetz Niracle
  14. N

    please crits and comments on this one

    well oke here it is.. i really need C&c :\ so what do you guys think ? the name is "IngeCle" Greetz Niracle :\
  15. M

    CDKEY help and beta 1.2 advanced meele comments , questions

    A friend of mine was desperate to play ESF on the internet lol he even wanted me to share with him my OWN CDKEY lol I suggested him to buy the latest HL - which is BLUE SHIFT If I am not mistaken.... he doesnt want to waste much money on HL , just the CDKEY to play ESF on the internet...
  16. S

    Please!!!,somebody help me!, arghhhh...

    Okay here is the deal! i wanted to compile my model from .QC to MDL, and so it worked. but then i noticed milkshape didn´t grab the animations, only the reference, can i compile with the animations??? please help, thnx already!
  17. N

    Katana man by Nicho

    Hey guys, drew another picture just for fun, hehe. Click Here! Crits/Comments plz.. Thanks Please also feel free to cheak out my new site ' Generic Studios 'here.
  18. dudeman


    i tried out some new stuff and made this: havent done any graphics for quite a long while.. so my skills have sunken a lil.. but im backing up :) as usual.. crits, comments welcome :)
  19. S


    ~ <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=hotpink,strengh=#+1)> i say magus you say pride MAGUS -- MAGUS -- MAGUS -- I LOVE YOU MAGUS!!!!!! lets get together and download :laff: </table> ps. sup magus
  20. C

    New Art

    This is the first time I drew sumthing other than DBZ, and if you guys would like to see my DBZ artwork, just say so. I hate drawing hands :/ plz just try to give me sum good comments, but then also what I should try to improve on my artwork, since I never took any art class or anything...