1. Sicron

    Yo, ho, haul together, hoist the Colors high. [SPOILERS]

    Yarr Lads! *cough* Haven't seen a thread about this one yet, but who here has seen Pirates of the Caribbean 3 yet? Went to the movies yesterday, I found it quite awesome. It was chaotic at times, true, but a great movie! Definitely something you do not want to miss. It seems to me they left the...
  2. S

    sky weird colors

    only when i play esf 1.2.3 not evm in evm the sky is fine....what the problem?
  3. TRSS

    oooh the colors

    hey how do you color stuff without first having skinned it ive seen it done a few times even in this fourum and the btl fourum i just dont know how to do it
  4. DragonDude

    Ooh, Perty Colors... Make your own kaleidoscope!
  5. vanji

    [ESF on Steam] HUD Colors

    Hi there! So thats my prob: If I play ESF on Steam, my HUD color is palely. I know some other player with the same prob, so it isn't a unique one. Please, to all that don't know an answer, don't post such things like "reinstall". I'd reinstalled it often, I'd installed the ESF Steam...
  6. Synth

    New Forum Colors

    The new forum layout is better... but the colors are driving me crazy *pulls hair out* I'd say anything darker would be awesome :D
  7. M

    Aura colors for 1.2

    When I saw the auras for that vid on swooping, you guys did add some new sweet animations for the auras but no real difference. If it's not too much to ask, why dont you guys change the colors of the auras based on the character. For example, Goku's aura would be red, not to say add kioken but...
  8. R

    256 colors in photoshop

    as i go up the ladder of spriting so does my program, i have reacently got photoshop 7 and i cant fine any where where i can save as 256 colors of even start with the 256 colors color if u know what i mean so help any one -=edit=- 11 veiws no anser
  9. T

    how do i assign colors to polys in 3ds?

    how do i assign colors to polygons in 3d studio max 5?
  10. S

    Compile error!

    well, i got this error, when i want to compile my model. all the textures files and reference.smd and sequence.smd are in one map, so i compile the .QC file, and it´s compiling and then my milkshape just quits like that, it just shuts off, can anyone help me please?
  11. Snow

    First wallpaper

    Well I made a cool render in 3dsmax so I decided to make it a wallpaper, the 2d might be bad they are my first, this is my 3rd 3dsmax project: What you think?
  12. MinesSkylineR34

    Arthas web banner for a friend

    id consider this indy art
  13. Death The Jedi

    Red Metal Vortex

    Not My Usual Style.. the name sucks.. I'm posting it here for some of you people with better minds than mine to critisize, and maybe help me name it so I can start working on the 2d aspect of this peice..
  14. S

    Vegeta RedSayian V2.0

    How do you like him im not taking any critz cause have worked on him a long FREAKING TIME ok mabye about 5 or 6 days and i need a host for it. Credits: the guy who made vegeta, me
  15. Smith

    Evil Vegeta

    I skinned this while my road runner was down from lightening (my tv blew up to :cry: ) I hope you like it, I have alot of two skins there, you can request a pair of them for your own use thanks for looking! Oh yea, credits to the esfteam, Im not trying to rip anything :( Im just no good at...
  16. 1_heart_boobies

    putting up my ava

    i need help putting my ava on the forum. the max res is 100x100 and size is 10240 right? my ava is 98x98 and is 10,139, why cant i put it on?!?! i checked the yes box and put in the directory correctly, but i get this when i submit my ava: Warning...
  17. Z

    first .gif animation thing ....

    it has no real purpose. i just made it cause i was happy i learned how to do it :) [learned 2 days ago]
  18. H

    WallPaper for |DaK|AsSAsSiN|KaD|

    Hope ya like it, i didn't feel like askin ya what ya wanted or which gundam or colors or anything at all really.. i just did it.. lol so uh yeah if ya want a different one, I could do that too.. I enjoy making WPs and uh ya know.. I'll do some more if ya want a diff character and whatnot
  19. Damaera

    Majin Blue Saiyan Trunks!

    Pics: Back And Front Working on Trans look I'll show you guys later Credits:Xstortionist For TRunks and SSJ (Majin Blue Saiyan SSJ Trunks coming soon!)
  20. Wangster

    n00biest question milkshape ever.

    well, today, i decided i wanna learn to model, so i opend milks shape today first time, / gives hisself an aplaus. well, i edited a sphere, for the basic form of a head, but in the tut it says, "Create a surface ("face") for the object and give it a skin color." well, i THINK i made a face...