1. R

    Code idea for 1.3...

    Well, i was thinking if the ESF team would be able to make somekinda code system, so that we can create new attacks for esf?(amxx, so like make somekinda esf code "command", so we can add new attacks) Just an idea, would be very helpful for ESF AMXx coders :P
  2. Hash

    Anyone Play Mario Kart DS? Then Post Your Friend Code!

    I just got a DS and Mario Kart for xmas, and man is it fun. But to get to the point, if any of you have the game, then post your name and friend code and we can get some racing going on. Here's mine: Nickname: Hash Friend Code: 412378-992710
  3. ssj2goku

    code help

    Hello guys, i'm trying to make a little plugin that gives a glow to some player that says the magical words. - i know how to make it work with the words, but how you look if the character is actually one of the 2 (goku - vegeta) ? - can anyone tell me how to add a glow ? - also how...
  4. Suh Dude

    ESF code?

    Are we allowed to edit the ESF code with only personal use? I wanted to do some type of stuff inside the client.dll and stuff like that. I won't be releasing it since it's only experimenting.
  5. S

    The Kurt's PHP/MySQL website code

    we dont take any responsibility for damages to your comp! This code comes with no license so use, modify, reuse and remodify at your own risk :devsmile: And to those who really believe the crap: its php it cant damage your comp! Download Link
  6. Ravendust

    Reverting Models (code)

    You know how some of the transformations in DBZ do damage to clothing? Like Trunks' jacket, Frieza's armor, or Gohans...glasses. I was thinking maybe have extra models for the same form. So if you start off as Trunks with the jacket, ascend (it rips) and then descend, he'll be in normal form...
  7. H

    Free the Code

    The code must be free!
  8. K

    Steam Validation Code

    Umm , i have a problem with steam , they said they sent the val. code to my email and ive waited an hour and its still not there , i went to the steam site and looked through the troubleshooting guide and none of the stuff they had helped so i was wondering if any of you guys could help somehow.
  9. Nuttzy

    bleh, animation issues, code or qc?

    ok well, im doing animation work for a mod, the previous set of animations was the HL animations, which ill add didnt fit the model at all, the models for this mod are somewhat of a cartoon proportion and the arms didnt match up at all, and made the attachments and 3rd person weapon models...
  10. V

    Esf Alpha source code

    Where i can get Esf Alpha 2.0 source code? :confused: the link i archive isnt working :cry:
  11. G

    AMX Code.

    Can Someone teach me please the commands to add the actions? I know the code and something about, but i don't know the right order of commands. Thanks.
  12. W

    help with 2.0 code read it plz.

    i got some quastion 4 u: i want to edit ESF 2.0 to be a naruto mod and i just got some quastions i installed the alpha 2.0 ESF and i got the source code so where to put the source code? after i edit it or smth... and what is the notpad file of the flying mode and of the teleport in the...
  13. Colgetto

    Changing Cs-HL key code

    Does someone know how to change the Counterstrike/Half Life Keycode? thx.
  14. B

    registration code

    i need the registration code or whatever for milkshape please because im running out of days to use it and u wouldnt want someone to be out of making models would you?? but please send me one thank u
  15. E

    Alpha Transformations code

    hi....i have been trying to do some thing with the Alpha code and i cant find out where the transformations file or what file it is coded into is ...... does anyone here no......thanks in adv
  16. E

    ESF source code

    my mistake should have read stickys........ PLEASE CLOSE
  17. J

    Whats wrong with me key code?

    Ok I found out about this mod and was interested in playing it. I had half life for the longest with the original key code and orignal box. I install Half life and then i installed the patch. After that i installed ESF. I go to play and it asks for the key code. So i go to put in my key...
  18. U

    Can we get FLASH QBB Code on forums?

    Hello... long time no post for me! I was just making a suggestion to the super-admins around here to ask if they could install the FLASH QBB button onto their site. I know you are probably asking why because not many ppl know the art of Flash, but I'll tell you why anyway. On my forums...
  19. harSens

    I want to learn how to code a half-life mod

    If you are serious about this, first learn how to code in C++, before even downloading the halflife sdk. Get a book about C++. Online tutorials are usually from a doubtfull quality. Your local library should have something usefull. I don't have any English book suggestions. Leen Ammeraal wrote a...
  20. Jaredster

    HL2 Source Code Leaked, Read all about it!!!

    READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! This is terrable. What makes me mad is that Valve allowed the CPU's holding the source code to be CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET