1. S

    ok new mapper needs some help with stuff!

    ok i have been working o na map all day and was wondering how to cut stuff out because i have made some thing that needs hole or openings so people can goinside any help? ps am using valve hammer editor! ok heres the problem (got some pics to help) i need the hole bit curcledinand...
  2. GhostfaceKillah

    HL2 gameplay clip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Right click > save target as... JUST WATCH IT ITS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. grOOvy

    Sword Technology in ESF

    Ok here's something that I was thinking about... 1.1 will have Trunks use his sword for melee attacks. But it actually has no difference from normal melee as far as the attack is concerned. It's just a model with animations. I've been noticing SOOO many models being made on these forums...
  4. Nuttzy

    env_model?, solid?

    im learning mapping ive learned all the usually missed steps from bob and a few other people, i HAVE got maps in game, now i made a model of samus's spaceship, it shows up ingame just fine id post a screenie, but im about to go to sleep, but its not solids, you can walk right through it, how do...
  5. G

    how dow i mack a map in valve hammer editor

    if u can help? plz do
  6. Warrior_Elite45

    How do you make clip boxes?

    I was wonderin' how would I make a clip box around an object such as a tree?
  7. Morrone

    Clip Movies

    How do you create those little short movies that are only like 20 frames long that people have in their sigs on the forum? I dont mean those cartoony ones but the ones that are little clips from movies or shows.
  8. SSj Goten

    Chibi Trunks

    Here is the most commonly wanted model ChibiTrunks!..... u can edit it if u want just send me the model back to my email or my aim Credits:Original Gohan Maker: 35% Original Trunks Maker: 35% LiL_Gohan:35%
  9. Morrone

    Transformation Pack Version 2 Released! A Different kind of sound.

    Well during the making of Transformation Sound Pack version 1 I came across a link someone had posted on these forums that led to a website in which all of Bruce Faulconer's music was availabe. Instead of taking a leaf out of Bruce's book I went ahead and snagged the whole tree. This...
  10. K

    2 questions

    1 could someone give me a link to normal bebi vegeta not super sayin and 2 this is off topic sorry but i downloaded a clip at my cousins house and it was ssj radits was when the demon jeneba resserwcted all the bad guy cause ive seen that movie and i dont remember seing that
  11. L

    Need background song of esf clip

    There was one esf clip of vegeta in lava-pit, he shot a generic ki beam or was it a gallit gun? He jumped around and such things! I don't know more, but there was a background song in this clip! One of the devs made the clip over 1 and and a half month ago! I think perhaps it was longer ago...
  12. L

    Need Background-Music in a video clip of esf

    I search for the background music of a video-clip of esf! In this clip, there was vegeta in the map lava-pit! I can remember, that he shot a gallit-gun. He jumped around and and such things. It's not a new viedeo-clip and i can't remember, who of the devs made it! Please post, if anyone...
  13. L

    Fix 'Falling out of the map'

    to fix that crap where you see all the players but no ground/textures or anything else, try adding a big layer of 'clip' texture around the outsides of your map... it might be 'noclip' theres only one so just filter for clip
  14. S

    Demo probs.. and how to make one a clip?

    when i play back a demo... it dosent show my character. any ideas to fix this? also..what do i need to make a demo a movie clip?
  15. L

    ESF_Stryker look here!

    If you remember, i did comment on your namek map. It was great, just guru's place looked kinda funny. This picture is alittle cheesy, but hopefully it will help LoL. Its suppose to be guru's place. :p
  16. Jakut

    Can u guys make a Frieza transformation clip plzzz

    PLZZ guys make a frieza transormation clip. I so wanna to see his transformation :cry: .It'll be really cool.
  17. F

    new transformation clip

    NICE! the new transformation sequence looks pretty sweet. i cant wait for the full version to come out. keep up the good work :fight:
  18. SSj Gotenks

    Goku vs Vegeta Clip

    Wow, all i can say is wow. You are guys are the best thing out there. nice work 10/ 10 three cheers