1. limbachiyavishal

    client.dll problems

    I'm having problem with client.dll when I run esf 1.2.3. it says me could not load directory /half life/esf/client/client.dll.... how can I fix it and play esf?
  2. S

    Client.dll problems

    Hi, Im a long time player of Esf played it years ago when 1.2.1 was new and I installed the game open play no problems, a few days back I got bored and thought Id play this again, then this problem clicked in, I make a random custom game on Lan, doesnt matter what settings but everytime I load...
  3. 6

    Client.dll HELP!!

    Hey i need ur guys help, when i go to play a game it kicks me out and gives me a error saying client.dll cant be loaded, its there but it wont open it. i can get into the menu its just as its going to play. If u guys could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated
  4. D

    Help me with Client.dll

    I have a problem with Client.dll, I started a dedicated server and when i want to join it, it says "Your client.dll differs from other servers". I have esf version 1.2.3 and Dedicated server version 1.2 Can someone give me a link for dedicated server 1.2.3 or tell me how to fix this...
  5. L

    Can't Find Client.dll

    wen i host a lan game it says can't find C:\Games\Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls/client.dll but in that folder client.dll exists this is newest version 1.2.3 full installer
  6. S


    i have just downloaded esf and wen i try to play i keep getting an error message about a client.dll were can i find one that works???
  7. S


    When I try to start a multiplayer game it loads and then kicks me out because it syas my dll file library could not load. The file it names is client.dll
  8. D

    Problem with client.dll

    When I go to create a Lan server to play with Bots, it makes an error that says that could not load "C:\Sierra\Half-Life\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll". I'd like to know what is this. Thanks for all dudeZ.
  9. D

    Another Problem with client.dll

    Well,I let my another problem with steam back and keeping installing.I put the folder of ESF in "C:\SIERRA\Half-Life",but when i want to play it it says me:Could't load library C:\SIERRA\Half-Life/Something of Client.dll/esf. And i have the Steam "instalado" (I...
  10. I

    More Client.dll

    Everytime I try to do anything it gives me the client.dll crap. It says it can't load the library client.dll. I've re downloaded it from a different place one time and it still doesnt work. I'm not too sure on the download location but I can say that it was version 1.2.3. Maybe someone could...
  11. S

    Problem with client.dll

    I have a grat problem, i've dowloaded 2 times esf from filefront "version 1.3", but in my computer I see that esf cant read client.dll and esf crashes. I`ve tried it in two computers. Could be this a problem with the server? Thanks.
  12. T

    Client.Dll Error

    I am trying to play ESF in WON now. I have HL, but my brother uses the CD Key for Steam. Everytime I try to create a game, it tells me "Failed to load client_dlls\client.dll" or something. A little help? And yes, I have checked if it was there.
  13. M

    client.dll (tryed everything.. including fmod)

    Im sure that you know the problem already.. but this time i tryed everying. im not trying to play the net so i dont need steam, but i cant even open a lan game. have the 1.2.3 version (and some others..) no one works.. (all of hem are full install) tryed to put the 3.6.0 fmod in the hllibrary...
  14. W

    client.dll problem - done everything

    ok i have looked everywhere ,i searched and did what everyone said. I have steam and a proper cd key, i have installed ESF 1.2 and the updates and it appears in my play games list. I double click the ESF to start playing and it says the client.dll error saying "could not load library <directory>...
  15. J

    i cant play esf whenever i go in to make/join game it says cant load client.dll

    ok heres the deal as far as i know i got the latest version of half life but im not sure hot to find out i got esf 1.2.3 installed and when i go to host/join a game it says something about cant find or cant load client.dll i reinstalled it i reinstalled it and steam and still nothing ;( so...
  16. O


  17. nvrslep303


    I have installed the latest patch, but it still says that everytime i try to go to a server. I have tried dozens. What is wrong?
  18. L

    PLZ help me with the client.dll!!!

    I've installed ESF on my computer and it's going. But if I want to connect to a server comes the message: "Your .dll [cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the servers." I don't know why but I want to play ESF online... I've read that I must update Half-Life with the patch and use a fmod.dll...
  19. X

    FMOD.DLL Broken Link! (Client.dll problem!)

    Well I was searching through and there were only one link, broken, so here's a tempoary link for all you who's getting a Client.dll problem! Here ya go! that should do the trick! FMOD.DLL Is hosted by Esf-world
  20. S

    client.dll plz helpme

    i use steam already and i got the beta thing and the patch and it still says i got wrong client.dll and i tried 6 differant servers some1 help me please im not sure if i got the latest patch though could some 1 gime the link so i can try it