1. Warrior.neith

    Client Patch Help

    Can anyone please help me, whenever i try and install the 1.2.1 client patch, it says "ESF cannot be found on selected destination" wtf do i do?
  2. B

    still with that client DLL

    i have the dll problem they i kno some people have but i have no time to search through the fourms. the one where when you try to play the game it just crashes to your destop and says something about the client DLL can someone give me the file you have to put in??? EDIT: in the sticky...
  3. Super_Son_Goku

    Trying to download the 214 mb Client

    But its not going too well. I'm on 512kbs ADSL so i should get 56kbs when I'm downloading, and I usually do on most websites, but it just wont budge past 10 kbs . Have I done something wrong or is it just that there are so many people trying to download this file. Any help or advice would be...
  4. T

    Torrent client

    Im looking for a good Bitorrent program. I've heard that there are so many such as Azereus and Bittornado, and I want to choose the best one. I'm mostly going to download anime and maybe some music .So if anyone would mind giving me some feedback/bg info on these programs or simply which is the...
  5. O

    HELP ME 1.2 full client eror

    i download 1.2 full client for the 1.2.1 patch i have steam half live cs dod ... it starts to install and its stop at media /..half live gamestartup../mp3 i dont have a clue help me [email protected]
  6. D

    ESF 1.1 Installer Steam or ESF 1.2 client for play help me pliz

    me enter game amb 1 error is connection problem amb controls is the game half-life
  7. S

    client dll fix help!!

    ok i know from this forum that there are plenty of threads about this. but it is,nt helping so this is what i have done. i have installed esf 1.2 on my steam *third party* and it is working but if i want to join a server it say,s that me client.dll is different from the other servers...
  8. D

    Could adv. melee input be made client side?

    The reason i'm asking this is because even the slightest lag will make the input sluggish which makes inputting combos really hard. Even with as little as 80-90 ping inputting moves is considerably slower than if you play locally or on a lan. Any thoughts on this?
  9. B

    Guestion about client

    When it comes? There is dedicated but only testers and esf team members can join....(because there is no clientpack)
  10. R

    [help] client crashes when connecting to esf linux server

    On connection to my esf linux server I crash (not the server) and so does everyone else who trys... I don't have metamod running. It's a stock esf steam server... You can try your self here Server IP address i have it set as nomaster right now so it won't show up on the lists...
  11. Sunslayer

    That crazy client... so many problems

    Guess what's wrong this time? Every time i play on steam (yes i uninstalled won and all its components) and join an ESF server, the screen stays blank, and the music player starts playing, but then it does the crrrrrrrrrrrazy repetition, sorta like a scratched cd, and a few seconds later...
  12. Mr. Satans

    Annoying Client Crash

    In the past week or two I have been experiencing a very annoying issue/problem in STEAM (No matter what game it is -- even Dedicated Server). The cause seems to be random, although it occurs VERY VERY RARELY in Counter-Strike (Even thought I have hi-poly model replacements for nearly...
  13. Hexus

    Client DLLs

    Hi, im new, my name is Hexus......ANYWHO I know lots of people have most likely asked this but, ill ask again. I need some serious help with esf. I installed it, and i went to start playing, in other words i started Half life, went to custom game and esf, i tried dcreating a LAN game but it...
  14. S

    EVM server or client

    i want to play evm but im not sure which pack to dwl. I want to host Evm games and play them but i also want to play normal esf. if i dwl one of these packs will i still be able to play and which pack to i dwl? thx.
  15. S

    EVM client prob

    when i try to install the evm client it goes to somewhere and i cant find it and i cant change it so can someone help me? cause im clueless :p
  16. K

    I NEED HELP WITH THE EVO MOD CLIENT SETUP! has more folders in it for models then i have i have to go dl Majin Vegeta and that stuff, and also no has even made a phase 3 Frieza yet! How do I do this! MODS help me out here!
  17. E

    Client dll

    Hello, I just installed Half-life then installed esf and then evm. After selecting the map in Lan games and I click 'Ok' a error message comes up - 'could not load library C:\SIERRA\Half-Life/esf/cl_dlls\client.dll'. Also, when I click on internet games it says 'logging on to won' but...
  18. H

    Client help?

    help,when i go to put up a internet server for esf,it says it cant load client.dll or whateva,can someone help me? o_o
  19. grOOvy

    Show your IRC Client

    Well, there have been a lot of "Show your desktop" threads, and a lot of people in this community also use IRC. So here's another thread, show a screenshot of your IRC Client. Here's mine. (I use NoNameScript btw.) I hope there are some replies to this thread... o_O *Edit*...
  20. Veger

    The client dll!

    Hey guys please help.I downloaded the alpha 2.0 source and when i compile the client.dll esf alpha dosen't load it please help. :cry: