1. Mkilbride

    Guild Wars 2 beta client available for download Just downloads a little GW2.exe that downloads the beta...very slowly at that. Just a reminder, in case anyone forgets though, only pre-purchasers and people who were invited can...
  2. H

    How big will the new 1.3 client be? (Rough Approx?)

    Obviously you wont know for sure till much later, but in the closed beta builds have they been getting a lot bigger? Honestly, I expect the Final release to be around 700-800MB
  3. W

    My I C Q client Not Have contact list

    Greeting Today turn PC and look that my I C Q client don't have contact list, It is very bad. :( When I login always received message from contact ONE with Info ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 1: ============================= System Message ============================= ICQ version 5.1...
  4. nemix12

    Latest Client

    is this the latest?? Open Beta 1.3 Files;78632 Torrent: None Available Mega Upload None Available Open Beta 1.3 Patch Files;78635 ???
  5. shadowzin

    1.3 client link plz

    can i have a link to download 1.3 client plz? i tried all that i found on this forum but none worked.
  6. H

    Changing model using a client cmd

    While looking into a cfg, found def_bind; model Trunks, I tested, but works for 1 sec :(. Is there any way to modify the model using a client cmd, or atleast a server cmd?
  7. M

    Client's Ping Slows Down Server?

    Today, I was playing on a squad server in Battlefield 2142, and my average ping was around 150. About a couple of minutes later, one of the players starts telling me to leave the server because I was slowing it down. Eventually, this individual started spouting insults and such, then left (or...
  8. T

    it keeps saying diff client

    hey guys can anyone help me please!!! everytime i try to join it keeps saying i have a different client where can i download this new client ? ?:cry:
  9. KidMan

    Lan client

    I think for 1.3 they should have an online client (one used through steam) and one thats a Lan client that can only allow you to play on a lan network and not online, no matter what you do. I like this better then having to log onto steam and then create a lan connection that way. Especially...
  10. C

    client being dropped

    ok i havent had this problem before. trying to join a few servers and during joining the server it tells me that the client has been dropped by the server. i found it odd because there was a couple servers i could join, but of course there was like 1 noob there. and ideas?
  11. J

    client dropped by server

    i just had the game installed but every time i want to join a game it says client dropped by server. what must i do to stop that and enjoy a good game of esf???
  12. N

    little problem with client

    I have client 1.2.3 and when im joining server with steam it sais that ".dll[cl_dlls\client.dll] differs from the server" I know that thread was earler posted by someone else but I have the newest version of ESF. What should i do?
  13. M

    EVM client pack 2.0 and other packs

    Hi guys i'm new here . Could you help me and write something about evm new packs cause i read on esf wrold that "evm 2.0 kick ass etc. atc".But i don't know where can i get those packs (client, server, and model pack).On esf world i haven't seen in downloads such titles :/. Plz help me
  14. ZeroNightmare

    Server > Client Sprites/Models

    How can I make it so that on my server the people who join see my sprites or my models that i am currently using? Is there a way to overide their's or something. I've ben in servers where my models were replaced with something else, same with sprites.. How do i accomplish this?
  15. C

    EVM client DLL

    ok...listen..ive gone around asking TONS of people...and i cant find please..when u answer this..dont answer with "omg dont DL EVM its crap" or "did u try Google?" or..."" ...nothing like that..cuz ive tried looking for the actual link THE a current...
  16. C

    STUPID client

    whenever i try to connect to the game this error comes up saying could not load library c:programmes files\valve\steam\steammaps\keshus\half-life\esf\cl_dlls\client.dll little help on why it is doing this?
  17. dudemeister

    STEAM-A Client Update Has Been Released

    gaddamnit, these dudes hate me "a client update has been released. please restart steam to get the latest update" WTF!!! please help
  18. D

    Client Differs From Servers

    Hi, i am an esfn00b lol, but b4 i could even get in a server, i got... your .dll[cl\client.dll] differs from the server's i know you guys have gotten this problem b4, but i did upgrade to 1.2.1 or whatever...and it still doesnt work, i downloaded from one of the mirrors on this site's forums...
  19. C

    cl.dll client...

    When I try to run ESF, it always says that it couldn't load the client. Why is this?
  20. T

    Client dll error!

    well, I'm french and I have a problem to play whith ESF. When I connect to play, I have a message: "could not load library c:\sierra\half-life\esf\cl-dlls\client.dll" please help me!!!