1. A

    -={HOA}=- Clan Server HACKED MY COMPUTER

    I joined this server today and was playing without a problem. All of a sudden, i use a beam to kill someone. Turns out it was a clan member of the server. All of a sudden, he comes up saying KICK JIHAD HES SPAMMING. Im like, what, i used a couple beams and kill him and all of a sudden im...
  2. A

    who do i talk to about clan not being on esforces site

    who do i talk to then?
  3. S

    Our Clan

    well :{A.S.K}: site is ready at still fixing up a few things but i would like to ask why we are not on clan list of esforces site i send an email and everything but still nothing.
  4. E

    GODZ Clan - Watch Out!

    I don't like bashing other people. But, the new clan "GODZ" deserves it. Their leader D.Dragon (also known as Nate from HA) is banning people from their server for no good reason. He'll ban you if: -You argue -Correct him -Beat him -Or if someone calls YOU ***, not him I was banned by...
  5. S

    [pn] clan members....

    they keep crashing peoples servers [pn] nuke, plays as buu, is pretty damn good, if u ask him to leave after he starts his abuse, he just says u kick me i crash game, then he does so, anybody know how to stop this? I got his IP, which is invalid, cus its a custom made 1. Anybody know how to stop...
  6. S

    added clan

    i have added clan to esf links page so other esf clan players can challenge us to a war or just know we live !! :yes:
  7. N

    Looking for the SL clan

    Aiight I saw the SL clan I dont remember the exact tag , SL Liquid gave me an invite , but I dont remember what it was because my computer crashed shortly after they left , so could somoe possibly give me a link to thier site (not sure if this belongs in the help forum move to clan disscusion...
  8. R

    My new sigs - for warcraft clan CRITZ?

    Here is the first one.... Here is the second one....
  9. G

    [SA] Clan is gone

    Im sorry to say but [SA] is no more. [SA]killedwithstyle is ~{APE}~Fusion tahts waht i know almost the whole clan has gone to ape im sorry for this
  10. G


    Hi I was serfin the servers andi decided to go to -DEF- clan server. At first they were cool and all But they got a member/co.ldr there (not willing to say name persnal reasons) but hes a @$$ but all of the other members were cool. so if you wanna join a clan thats A.rude when your trying to...
  11. S

    Red Ribbon Army Clan

    l am openin a clan called the red ribbon clan or RR for short it will be led by me Spiral and my friend Doomer, if you wish to join the clan simply tell me here or find a game called red ribbon and ask to join if you enter the clan u will need to display the RR tag at the end of your name peace...
  12. T

    Need graphics of ESF for clan site

    Hi there i want to build a new clan site, our clan plays cs and ESF but the problem is i cant find any good graphics of esf thad i can use in my site if enyone wants to help or can help please help then , if u want to help building the site thads also no problem, u wil get credits on the...
  13. TAz00

    Neo Clan maps Refreshed, plus more ;)

    Long time ago i made the NC maps, And almost even longer ago, they got updated by Mr. Satan... I just forgot about this, and so did Satan, i think. So i recompiled them, took me a whole night. So i dont feel like posting pics, maps just look the same, but should run smoother. If somebody...
  14. T


    YES JOIN CLAN TTK AND PM ME OR REPLY W? INFO ABOUT WHAT U CAN DO!!! also im used 2 clans i have one on 4 starcraft!^_^
  15. S

    Seeking Clan match,

    Hello all, Me and my clan is just bored since no one challange us :/ and we can't just pick some clan to face since we are from EU and we got our 24/7 server up and it's from germany so all we need now is a good challange and a EU clan so feel free to any of those who got a well a skilled clan...
  16. W


    hey everyone just wanted use all to know about our clan -|guardian|-
  17. V

    <{WoC}> clan, needs dedicated server!

    We at <{WoC}> are looking for a dedicated server to run for our clan. We would like a free one but if it comes to money then we might have to pay. we need a Canadian server, which has to be in the middle of canada so it is good for all members. thanks. we appreciate it.
  18. nemecj05

    the new clan city......

    ok, first off im going to apologize for taking those buildings from ape city, i assure you i talked to ape bio and the ape clan and sorted it all out.....second of all i remade the map and heres a pic of what i got so far!! lol sorry ill go get one i had to fix somethin
  19. nemecj05

    Ape clan

    i want to be in the ape clan, and im not sure if theres tryoutrs or whatnot but if someone from the ape clan could tell me wha i need to d to get in i would greatly appreceate it!
  20. Nosferatu Alucard

    For all the german players who are searching a clan

    Falls jemand von euch nen Clan sucht, also, ein Freund von mir hat nen ESF und TS-Clan gegründet und wir suchen noch members. Also, falls ihr uns beitreten wollt geht mal in den irc-Channel: #*editted* oder labert mal unseren Clan-leader Link an, seine icq-nummer ist: *editted*...