1. S

    MaJiN clan back!!

    Look at "ESF Chat"
  2. S

    MaJiN clan coming back!?!

    Please Do Not Recruit or make a Thread that is similar to recruiting members. Please read the rules before posting again.
  3. TRSS


    hey im looking to join a clan but i dont know of any so could someone help me out and give me a couple of good clans and how i can contact a representative thanks..
  4. T

    Clan Mystical

    Alright, I'm getting tired of all these stories and stuff. Now here it's official. No Mystical members are using cheats of any kind. A lot of people (mostly, not so good players) have been blaming us for cheating, scripting, binding stuff. We have one player using a forward swoop script, but...
  5. X

    Wu Tang Clan...

    Make the sig 400x100... I dont want fonts on the sig, the only font I wanna see on it is the one that says Wu Tang on their logo :P. I have an idea of how I want the sig to look though... The guy on the left side, put him on the left side of the sig, put the Wu Tang logo on the...
  6. I

    Wats a clan, I want 1

    Wats a clan i've heard its lyk a team if so how do i get into 1?????
  7. K


    Hey guys u got any clans that hav a spot open i really wana join one im an average player and all so yeh :) :(
  8. K


    Hey guys u got any clans that hav a spot open i really wana join one im an average player and all so yeh :) :(
  9. Kurisutaru

    Signature for Clan

    This is my forum Sig for The clan DeathRow im in On Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow. RavenTrunks found the Bg and i used it. I made 15 horozontil line and 15 vertical lines and arranged them in image ready to get that hor/ver crossing thing. I made boxes and rotated them to diamonds and faded my...
  10. G

    Counter Strike Clan

    hey if you play counter strike and you are new and you are looking for a clan....go to "Opti plays Price is Right Music" Bum bum ba bum WAAAAAAAH! :laff:
  11. Taurus 2112

    Halo 2 Clan anouncement:

    I have decide to exploit the clan feature in Halo 2 to its fullest, via starting one myself. Unfortunately I currently have no members and would really like it to work out. I am not looking for anyone super-amazing just people who enjoy Halo 2 and would like to be a member of a clan "if they...
  12. PiXel

    Site layout for my clan!

    !Pic! well... i just doin a new site for my clan... Me needs a good font! Also just exept this laya only without the text... What still missing? Do i shall to add something? what font will be better to use? C&C are welcome :]
  13. M

    .:AF:. Clan

    Hi all i wanna tell u i started a new clan a week ago (Angel-force) but we need now also new members thats what we missing maibe u wanna give it a try for more info join the clan on the: Forum Site Thx for reading this o yeh site is not finnish all links like members link to forum i am...
  14. imported_Lone_WolF

    Someone wanna make a ESF Clan?

    well....just wondering if someone wanna make a clan with just add a little thread if you want :yes:
  15. DBXMe2


    I'm DBXMe2, I usualy post in the Modeling forums, but my buddy has a great deal for all you guys looking for hosting files, and or clan servers.... CHECK IT OUT www.iwanttoadvertise Its called lol!, and if you want to talk to the guy incharge join up the forums, and post all ur questions...
  16. Dokutayuu

    SSS clan members

    It is I, The 2nd son. I would like to see members and people who want to join sorry if it is the wrong forum I have ranks SS= Transform with a member watching SS2=Collect the dragonballs with a member watching SS3=Achieve perfect transformation with member watching SS4=Do all 3 in 1...
  17. M

    New Clan in Town

    Hey All, Sayin Pride is here...theres one major rule...You must have Pride the second is Use a Sayin Character to join plz state this following things Name(in game) Age What sayin you are good with Are you joining for fun or competition MSN/AIM thanks...
  18. L

    Legendary Super Sayajin Clan

    HI at all who are searching for a clan! we the Legendary Super Sayajin Clan are searching for a few members! if you think your good enough,challenge us and we´ll decide if you will be a member or not! if you are interessted just take a look! we hope to see you soon! if...
  19. D

    Need CLAN!!!

    hi i need a clan!!!! Challenge me if you want and see if i'm cabable for you clan. see my msn at the post
  20. Jonesdaniel

    [#AOD| ] Clan

    Anybody know the clan website ? If your not allowed to post it for "advertising" then pm it to me.