1. S

    Coming clean, I need to get this off my chest

    Hey guys. I'm Sean Minion, you all uhm ehh.. pofferr well know me as Sean Minion probably! a few years ago I helped ruin this modification by releasing a unfinished beta. Till this day I feel very bad about it, it's still in the back of this mind, each time I post on these forums. Yes...
  2. G

    Pirates of the carribean 2: dead mans chest

    who has seen this movie? its the best :)
  3. D

    Totally noob - chest

    Hi guys. I just been at esf-world after long time and found a modelling tutorial. I tryed follow it (And hey.. its fun to model :D) But what just habbend to the abs and how can i fix it?? (And i know it looks at little to big.. but hey, its first time :P)
  4. G

    chest model wip

    i found a tutorial here in the forum. i cant find it anymore so... thanks to the guy who made the tutorial ;-) i know it's not nice or anything... but it's my first thing EVER.. and there is a hole on the lower side of the chest ... but i didnt knew how to fix that so dont mind that :-P
  5. R

    Goku WIP

    I m making a wipp of goku , heres what i v done (did it in 8 h.) the head will be there soon , also i m fixing fingers <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3"...
  6. Neon

    First polly by polly model...

    It's goten.... Crits please
  7. I

    goku wip (my first pbp from scratch)

    sup.. im making a goku model pbp... it will be my first pbp model ever!! lol... i hope it comes out good :smile: smooth shades later :]
  8. I

    SSC Trunks

    SuperSaiyaChris is making a trunks skin... here it is so far.. he told me to post it due to the fact he was banned... he needs crtis so post em ok :cool:
  9. W

    MiXseD Ssj-Trunks ! very good work..

    hello i mix some model look i export some trunks and i want to switch his head soo i export the trunks thet i want to do head switch with skalakton and then i export the trunks i want 2 mix without skelektn. look... at the pic... but first i almost forgot it credits :) for all the model :)...
  10. P

    Piccolo >_> Critism greatly appreciated. My thanks goes out to Zereth for his comments and suggestions.
  11. Element4q2

    Nuzzy base - New Vegeta

    I've decided to make a new vegeta using nuttzy's base model. It was gonna be a goku model but i decided against it. Anyway heres the first skin i did. (was gonna be goku or something) And heres the Vegeta model WIP * The skin is far from done Cred: Nuzzy for the base model
  12. G

    Namek Goku

    I had a thread last night about this but I dunno what happend to it, anyway heres my Namek goku skin Skin by me, Model By Turk Im working on the skin as I post this and will have an update pic soon this model wont be released for ESF or given out, its for EF(elemental fusion)...
  13. L

    Remaking the chest

    Well not actually a new model but im redoing the arms to make it look more realistic.
  14. G

    Little something....

    Model by turk skin by me no the model wont be released or anything or given out, im just doing this for practice. all crits welcome, just none about the model cuz I cant do anything about that lol.
  15. Element4q2

    Bardock Finished

    Ok heres my "finished" Bardock model. Basically finished just have to add the scar to his cheek. Probably not the best picture but the new image host im using limits filesize. Credit to ESF Team for Vegeta body and SMo for the original face.
  16. Tweek

    SSJ2 Gohan

    ..Hey ;D no this is not my mdl altho i wisj it was ;) but a friend of mine is scared of crits (shouldnt b) so i hav offerd 2 show it ;D. Now this is is first mdl and i fink it is a good mdl 4 first atempt so pllz not so harsh on the crits :D, Tankz ..Tweek ;) And ..?????????
  17. B

    NEW GREAT Gogeta

    Here my Gogeta its for esf 1.1 and evm
  18. B0Bmaster40000

    decomposing demon

    ive just been playing around with psp, trying to go for a dark/evil theme. This is what i made so far. - Demon model made in 3dsmax with use of creature creating software - Everything else (texturing, colouring etc...)done in psp by me tell me what you think, what i could improve, and any...
  19. S

    Namek Vegeta WIP

    I worked on this for like 30 mins and it was my first time ever skinning so tell me what you think credit ESF Team for model me for the skin and Zod for hosting pics front chest vest Back vest strap
  20. Suh Dude

    17 skin