1. Mr. Phonso

    OG member checking in

    Hey! It has been a very very long time since I last visited here or even played ESF! Are there any other members lurking around here since the early 2000s? Anyways just came here to ask when will the newest ESF be released? Haha just kidding don't ban me.
  2. Deathshot

    Checking out Cars

    Mitsubishi Lancer EVO vs Chevy Camaro z28 SS I dunno which one.... I am leaning towards the Lancer though
  3. The Deco

    Im not checking for a new computer but..

    I want to see the price range. So my question is for our professionals of that topic here and everyone else: So what is the best computer (By your opinion at least) you can get for me with a budget of 800 US Dollars But notice, we got high tax in Israel so you can about increase YOUR subtotal...
  4. LionHeart

    Just checking but...

    How many GHz is AMD Athlon XP 2600+ supposed to have?
  5. -Dark Shadow-

    Just Checking =D

    Long time no see :P anyone remember me? i was just checking and is there any important news? But anyway i have been held up by learning to code... i ment important news as in like clans etc not about melee stuff and 1.2 etc. So i am off again to code! =P i will check more often.. P.S wow...
  6. A

    I just got 3ds Max 5.1 and I need help

    Alright, how do I open the .mdl model files with this? I have tried Milk whatever and Gmax but nothing will open the .mdl files.
  7. E

    Does nybody know where i can find a good city map

    well i want a good city map i already have the redsaiyan city map and the default one that comes with esf but i just love city maps i dont know if any of u seen a spiderman commercial on mtv how its gonna be a new show but if uve seen the commercial hes in a city i want a map thats like that or...
  8. E

    where the hell is the MILKSHAPE3D tutorial

    where the hell is the MILKSHAPE3D tutorial??? i have now milkshape and wanted to start modelling and dont understand it :D or somebody can help me?
  9. Black Saiyan


    when im compliing in Silkshape i get this error ************ ERROR ************ unknown bonecontroller link 'Bip01 Spine' how do i fix it
  10. G

    SSJ 2 Gohan with goku clothes model

    :] Hey does anyone know where i can find a SSJ 2 Gohan Model with goku clothes this thread has been posted by someone before but now im checking to see if anyone had has one yet please dont respond in an angry way im jyst askin.....:yes:
  11. B

    check out dis

    check out dis
  12. G

    Vegeta I made

    I have been moddling for about two weeks, this is my best model so far (I did not make the skin I just used the original beta 1 esf skin for vegeta) Now I know there are problems with the connections between pieces of the model, especially with the head. So if you have any tips with connecting...
  13. -Dark Shadow-

    how do you make your model a mdl file?

    i have milkshape and have made models and want to test it but i don't know how to turn it into a mdl file anyone PLEASE help!
  14. Loki

    Vegetto Wallpaper

    Could someone make me a 1024 x 724 Vegetto wall paper prefered color is blue.
  15. owa

    Final Fantasy Cel Images.

    Hey, I'm wondering if anyone knows were I can find Final Fantasy Cel Images. Not from the Anime or the Movie. I just want it from the games. It doesn't have to be Cel images I just want a place were I can get good images for a sig.
  16. Megasaxon

    Speaking of wallpapers....

    i've done a new one, so, if you feel like checking it out, head on over to and yeah :), comments welcome Update: Whoops, my bad, added an extra forwardslash for no reason :o (link works now)
  17. S

    Digitally Inclined V.3

    Well, I'm not really sure I'm allowed to post this but it deals with artwork. This morning I finally completed my portfolio pretaining to artwork :) I really want to know what you guys think of it. You can check it out at Http:// Please give it a rating out of 10 :D Most pages...
  18. E

    New Character

    Hey, Aaint done a character model for a while...anyway Ive been surfing a few art forums and just checking out some origional pics, and really liked this one by SSJ-Dan, seeing as i aint gonna release them i think its fine for me to try modelign them? anyway, here it is, i cant seem to check the...
  19. K

    Seeing Host

    Just checking if this host works and I'll be back after Mid-Terms