1. Cybresamurai

    Cant use ECX or Big pack char

    Yo i don't no if this is a bug or glitch or not but when i open ESF it says that its "Earth's Special Forces Inteam version" whats that mean and how do i fix it
  2. K

    Vegetto Gogeta Goteks

    Why i cant play with this charters Vegetto Gogeta Goteks ???? ---------- Double Post below was added at - 11:09 AM has been merged with this post created - 11:08 AM at ---------- v1.2.3 version
  3. G

    Why is DBA even still on moddb, at spot 12 no less?

    It's been 3 years since an update. I don't get how they still stay up on the chart.
  4. T

    Help Create Char

    Hello guys, I am Brazilian and I have great doubts about the operation in creating a character using a 3D program :D Well, I'm new in the world and the ESF, have learned, was known here in the forum and some other forums on the Internet! I use milkshape, I know open .MDL files and get...
  5. VideoJinx

    VideoJinx Low poly game char

    Welp im making my very first model for a game, and it's low poly. So far i've been making its basic shape and it only has 1.1k polies with the smooth. ( This was about 300 or so without the msmooth ) <embed src="" width="426"...
  6. Mr.Lukyas

    Strongest DBZ char is...

    Ppl, tell me, what do U think, who's the strongest guy in DBZ. Explain your voting. I am voting 4 Goku. He's more stronger than everyone else. Vegeta beat him by cheating. So, Goku's my fav!
  7. Super Veggeto

    Aura & Char screen bugs

    Not sure if this was mentioned before, the SSJ aura leaves an aura light spot on the ground...happens sometimes: About the Character Selection Screen, I'm aware it's still WIP and all, I just thought I should point it out cause my report follows with a question: As you can see here...
  8. Michno SSJ4

    tha best char

    whit one do you think is the best char me i think that it is gohan he can all wen he's in ssj2 hehe:yes: :D please dont hate me i'm new of making this
  9. dan_esf_fanatic

    Spell char names correctly!

    I'm getting pretty sick of everyone writing Vegita, Gokou, Vegito, Freeza (Freezer) Boo etc. So I wrote a list of CORRECTLY spelled char names that I think everyone should consider using. Buu Goku Gohan Krillin Frieza Piccolo Trunks Vegeta Cell Vegetto Hope this helps
  10. -Blaze-

    DBZ char tutorial for ms3d?

    Can someone create or give me a link to a dbz char making tutorial? o_o Well, step by step, modelling, creating skin, animating, etc. ;) PLZ, i RLY want to learn modelling. (IN MILKSHAPE ONLY :devgrin: )
  11. wheres_

    Death / change char bug.

    If you change class while dead, you don't get an extra death. Not sure if this is intentional or not.
  12. B

    another char problem

    i see in pics that some players have broly and vegetto but i dl vgui and replace it and i get only a picture of broly or vegetto in the select screen but i still have goku and i change tham to broly and vegetto? O_O
  13. bapplebo

    Fable: The Lost Chapters - Post Your Char!

    YAY I recently got Fable: TLC and have never put it down since. For those who havn't tried the Fable series, or like action games with rpg elements, GET THIS GAME! My guy is wearing full assassin, default hairstyle and an obsidian katana.
  14. 009

    new video release... Char' Introducing...

    Its a video which introduce you for all the chars in esf... for more info or if you wanna download it click on link >> Link For Video << Should i post this in "newbie central" or here ? o_o
  15. ZeroNightmare

    Which DBZ Char are you... sorry... i had to i got...brolly
  16. S

    Editing Char

    Anyway possible to edit a chars starting power or health that he/she/it starts of with , i only wanna know for the purpose of versin bots not for lan use, thanks ;)
  17. Lord Killmore

    just a custom char

    hm hey all . well i kinda felt like modelling again after my long break so well yeah i just did this dude here. still heavy WIP . c&C needed *ignore the rendering error on the neck area*
  18. U

    Custom Char

    Sense the esf team has said no char from movies . I was thinking what about like a custom char? with no skin the player has to choose and the color of the attacks (sprites) and it would get to choose 2 attacks for starting and after transforming 2 more. But sense they could make it any 1 I...
  19. Mattman243

    Char. Questions!

    Hey, I love the DBZ story but I haven't seen all of it and I have some questions about some charicters! 1. Who is Pikkon, and what is he famous for?
  20. .Maze

    Different Sprites for Each Char

    Well the Title says it all. Different Sprites for every char,sure it would raise the file size, but who cares ?^-^ Cause i would like to give Gohan an other Sprite for his KHH but then Goku gots the same and cell, and that just not nice. Well you get the point... O_o