1. D

    Question about ECX RC2

    Hey guys, how you doing? I hope you're all fine! So, i need help with a little something: First, what is the ECX RC2 CCI? I can't find anything about this on the internet. And, can someone give me a link to download the ECX Bots code? Thanks in advance, and I love what you are doing with...
  2. C

    Earth Special Forces - ESF ECX RC2 - CCI Question - Transformation by Powerlevel

    I'm hoping someone knows how to do this or if its even possible to do. I've been making characters for quite a long time for esf ecx rc2, and I've been tampering with the CCI's sx.sample.core looking around my files and the internet to find a answer for this. Is it possible to go through...
  3. Ghost_Ryder

    CCI errors...

    FX.core(4) : warning 217: loose indentation FX.core(9) : warning 217: loose indentation .ClassExtension.core(122) : warning 217: loose indentation 0,5304009 Seconds << Summary >> Success : 0 Failure : 1 Time : 0,5304009 Seconds Can someone help me to fix this error?
  4. M

    Help!!! WeaponBall CCI

    Hey.! Sorry my English. I need your help please. Anyone know how to use the: public @ WeaponBall mod.weapon in the CCI? My apologies if this post is in wrong category Thanks :)
  5. P

    Questions on CCI

    Is there somewhere a more advanced Tutorial on CCI, or at least a list of functions + their Arguments? The basic Tutorial included with CCI helps at the beginning but a lot of questions will be unanswered. Does anybody know any of this?: How *exactly* does damage work? Yeah, there is a damage...
  6. Ghost_Ryder

    CCI transformation effects...

    I created this character, but there is no transformation effects. Compiled without errors. Can you fix it?
  7. B

    Just 2 CCI Errors, please help. I have no idea whats going on here.

    THIS IS THE ERROR IM GETTING << Binary Goku >> MOD.Sound.core(8) : error 029: invalid expression, assumed zero .ClassExtension.core(72) : warning 203: symbol is never used: "" 0.3000005 Seconds << Summary >> Success : 0 Failure : 1 Time : 0.3000005 Seconds...
  8. B

    Need help, getting alot of cci errors.

    kinda confused on those errors, i tried some things like changing the ":" to ";" at line 161 of the core extension file but that didint work like i thought it would. can any1 give me an explanation of these errors if its not too much trouble? the mega...
  9. sayaman14

    CCI character problem

    Hi. I've been creating a Bardock character that goes to SSJ2 on CCI. The problem is that every time I play it makes the game freeze. I tried with other characters and no one gives me that problem. Only this Bardock. I've created some characters before and this is the first time I have this...
  10. leonelmba1

    cci .classextension

    I'm trying to create a model and I want the this attack: super ghost kamikaze attack what sentence or word do I write in "over here" ... public @ClassWeaponUpdate ( Client, Level ) { switch ( Level ) { case 0: // Buu Gotenks { addClassItem( Client, "weapon_melee", true )...
  11. EvolutionX


    << Goku-Kaioken >> .ClassExtension.core(80) : warning 217: loose indentation .ClassExtension.core(81) : warning 217: loose indentation .ClassExtension.core(82) : warning 217: loose indentation .ClassExtension.core(88) : warning 217: loose indentation 0,953125 Seconds << Summary >>...
  12. S

    [W.I.P] CCI Piccolo

    Hi I have a piccolo transformation made Please write comments and rate it 0/10 Video: MFG Secco9322
  13. EvolutionX

    CCI Tutorial!

    I read the CCI Tutorial but i dont know how to made this >>>> 1. How to add FX transformation efects in 15 sec trans! 2. How to add sound for c_intro.wav 3. How to add new charges, starts and trails on beams! - How to change the genericbeam from green to blue 4. How to add sounds for trans like...
  14. EvolutionX

    CCI Question!

    Why when i press Compile Selected Plugins, the file is cxi not amxx?
  15. NehuIII

    Cci problema with kamehamehax10

    Hi guys, I need to tell me how to put the kamehamehaX10, as in the CCI did not appear. capture: Sorry for my bad English, but I'm Argentine and I do not understand much. And use google translator also need the finalshine, bbkh etc.
  16. king_boo_boo666

    CCI: Error Help

    Hey, I am having trouble figuring out what the problem is when i try to compile the Goku created in CCI. I have added transformation effects and sounds, but the same to error messages come up << Goku_Blue_Gi >> .ClassExtension.core(118) : error 017: undefined symbol "CORE"...
  17. P

    CCI Problem

    How do I add a custom attack to model made the CCI? Sorry for my bad english, but I polish
  18. God Goku

    CCI help

    Hello, I need help with CCI. I created my char and I also compile them. Then I put my amxx file to core/plugins/cx. Then I started a server in Ecx and went to the char selection then my char dosent show. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me.:confused:
  19. nikslg

    Question about CCI (for ESF ECX)

    somebuddy know where i can download CCI (core compiler interface)? I want add chars to esf ecx rc2 but without this program i cant
  20. HOM

    CCI addClassSpecial

    Hello can give me them selves the complete list of the addClassSpecial plz !!!:scared: sorry for my English I am Frensh :scared::scared: