1. Deverz

    Video Capture

    I was wondering if anyone knows of ways of downloading video from websites that aren't youtube I want the clip from Here I have tried and a addon for IE (I don't have one for chrome) neither worked Before anyone makes any piracy comments, I'm not re-uploading or anything, my...
  2. Damaera

    Capture Card Software

    Not sure if this goes in here or the Tech Bench, but whatever. I have an Avermededia 23888 Capture Card, and it didn't come with any software. I'm using DScaler, at the moment, but it sucks. The moment I attempt to record my footage, it just fucks up. Does anybody have any good Capture Card...
  3. Skyrider

    Movie of The week :: Android 18 Motion Capture

    Enjoy this Android 18 Idle Motion Capture. The real person standing there is MastaSurf, which has been done when we (Ready, Harsens, Me, Masta) have met some time ago. This is a Streamed video, you can either view it online or download it if you wish to do so.
  4. SailorAlea

    Video Capture Slowness

    I haven't used any of my video capturing software in awhile--and I booted it up, and while it displays the video at a decent speed, trying to capture it (whether by fraps, virtualdubmod, etc) is pretty slow. My computer is pretty fast (3GHz+), over a gig of RAM, an nvidia 7600GS video card, and...
  5. S

    Capture the Dragonballs?

    come on help me
  6. S

    Capture the Dragonballs?

    OK here is the thing. I have EVM and I can only play teamplay. Why is that? and 2 How come the CTDB mode wont work plz help!!!!
  7. real goku

    capture the dragonball

    so........ i am playing for 2 weeks now... everyyy day :laff: in the server list there often stands: capture the dragonball, but when i connect to this(these) server(s) there are no dragonballs...... so what is wrong... aren't there dbs? but the server says there are dragonballs... or...
  8. Nuttzy

    video capture troubles

    i recently purchased a video capture device, i run av cables to it and connect it to my pc via usb, now if i select the VCD format, (im given the options of vcd, svcd, or dvd) it says its mpeg1 video, and i can do wih tha what i want, but its at a low resolution (320x240), i can up that...
  9. V

    whats a good (free) *optional* video capture

    im looking for a good program that recordes what i see on my computer it dosnt have to be free really jsut it would be nice
  10. A

    Maps for capture the dragonballz

    Are there custom maps where you can play CTDB. I know there are some. But those on lag so much...(old maps) bye
  11. Optimus Prime

    Capture The.... FLAG! o/

    <center><u>Earth’s Special Forces: Capture the Flag</u></center> Hwoarang and I both feel that ESF needs a classic capture the flag mode to add another element of fun to the game. We both agreed it would be best to break it down something like this. <u>Basics</u> - Each team has one...
  12. K

    video capture?

    how do i take a picture of a video that is playing like a screen capture?
  13. imkongkong

    capture the dragonball mode! read me

    NEW CAPTURE THE DRAGONBALL MODE before you read this, make sure you read this thread... it will use the round based mode i made there i dont want the dragonballs stucked together.. u can have someone with you to seek out...
  14. K

    Ingame video capture

    I would like to know what you guys used to capture the ingame video for the trailer? Did you just save a demo and convert it to a more usable video file, or did you do something special, I have been trying for ages to find something that can record ingame videos without slowing down my comp to...
  15. D

    cant capture any dragon balls

    i get any dragon balls i looked every where in the maps
  16. M

    Capture The Dragonballs.

    i tried to played this mode but i can't found any dragonball.. anyone have idea what is the problem ?
  17. N

    Capture The Dragon Ball

    What maps have capture the dragonball things? :rolleyes:
  18. P

    capture the 18 dragon balls???

    im not sure if it belongs in this section of the forum but it is a bug.... i was playin ctdb on mtside and well the pics speak for themself i slowly gathered more and more dbs as i used em and i counted 18 b4 it crashed...
  19. H

    How Do u Get Capture the dragon ballz working?

    i need help, ive tryed everything. ive changed it ingame in console, ive changed it b4 i made the server and ive gone through every config file can neone pls help
  20. P

    Capture the balls??!!

    I´m new in this game and I hope someone can tell me how can I do to play "capture the dragon balls", becouse I want to play it. Thx.
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