1. A

    piccolo with cape

    i am really looking for a model of piccolo with cape, i know this is a subject that is on the order several times, but i can't find the piccolo i am looking for on this forum. But you people say that there are 2 so, please help me
  2. Marauder

    Whats missing?

    u guys tell me whats missing :/ .

    there should be a piccolo with hat and cape

    It would be mor like in the show, when you transform you takr your cape off. That would look cool i reckon.
  4. X

    I dont mean to be a Biotch about this BUT (Its a Request)

    ENOUGH VEGETA/GOHAN/GOKOU EDITS PLEASE!!!.... Sorry I had to let it out. People are requesting the same ****. But has anyone bothered to do something else... Like perhaps a Frieza remake! Or a Majinu Buu and Cell edit. You people are only editing the good guys ;( We got SSJ3's, We got...
  5. P

    Piccolo is a jiggalo....

    ....and that's because he dresses like one j/k. Speaking of which, who said that they had a model&skin of him wearing his cape and turbin. I remember someone said that they had it. I might be willing to do IM. It depends. If you do have it could you provide pics of it?
  6. -Dark Shadow-

    In milkshape how do i delete seperate things?

    well i am on milkshape and uploaded evil buu and when i did it had all the things there and was trying out something cos i delted the cape and then i was wondering how to delete like JUST the gloves NOT the OTHER THINGS AROUND IT which is JOINT up with... can someone tell me how to delete...
  7. Constructor

    Piccolo's Cape

    Why is there no cape for piccolo? He looks very cool, wearing his white cape :D
  8. T


    Some one really needs to make a cool piccolo skin of him being big or something or a lord slug skin.
  9. Bryggz

    Where do i go next?

    Hey guys im really not sure where to head with my modeling edits and such, so im running this poll....lets hope i do this right
  10. B

    Gohan with Cape And ssj2 Gohan Battle Damage

    Hi all i edit a little bit Sbolts Gohan *at Sbolt :) i make a little bit Battle Damage And il remodel a little gohan1 from esf *credit to Modler fom this :) i put from gohan 1 the head on sbolt gohan body and cape looks funny Thx to tha Real Modler :) Images: And download...
  11. Kman3252

    Gohan In Piccolo outfit Reskin WIP

    This is my first reskin. The ears are big because i cant model so i cant edit them.Tell me what you think and what i should change. Well heres a pic. sorry had to take off pic
  12. God Gundam

    next model

    ok im gonna redo some models, so which ones do you all want done the most, your options are gohan, piccolo, goku, vegeta, frieza, and cell. so tell me which ones you want done most of all, that way i can do them, and btw krillin just needs a skin then i will release him and his transformation
  13. B

    Piccolo with cape release ..

    well the model is done and works fine Download here... greetz *edit*
  14. A

    Picolo with cape

    Hi its my second model but it wont work Ill cant create a .mdl file milkshape always says found vertex without bone assigment ..... a good modler Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Raven Blade

    Which Model would people most like re-done?

    Basically I have finished vegeta and dont wanna touch it what other ESF model would people most like re-done?
  16. S


    hate piccolo when he ain't wearing his cool outfit all stuff by esf team,hacked together by me download when swimming the legs go through the cape a bit,sowwy couldn't be arsed to spend more time on it
  17. M

    Fat Buu drawing

    i made a drawing here of Fat buu it obviously sucks but i still want your opinion and i want to know how to improve my drawing skills
  18. K

    my gohan model

    i made a gohan model with the picollo cape, i cant post any pics, got nowhere to host. umm i really suck at skinning, can anyone give me sum tips on unwrapping and making the skin look real? thx
  19. ZuL


    I wanted to show you guys my latest work i made on a mod i'm in, and i thought u guys would like to see it. Wadd'ya think?
  20. ultrassj_vegeta

    question about the piccolo model

    will the piccolo model hav his cape?