1. DaFeLa

    Valves new console called Piston

    Much has been speculated about the so-called "steam box". Now there are concrete facts from Valve. Among other things, the device now has a different name. This more technical CES Valve and hardware manufacturers have unveiled the Xi3 "Piston". With this mini-computer, it is possible to play...
  2. Hellion_Blade

    Did you guys hear about that movie called constipation?

    No? that's 'cause it didn't come out yet! Let the puns begin!! I've got a few more bad ones. Did you hear about the guy who lost his left arm? hes alright now. Some guy got caught in an upholstery machine. They said hes recovered. The peanut had to go to the hospital. He was...
  3. FalconFury

    Damaera called me flat nose on zeq2

    Ok today it was Friday right? first person called me flat on face book and I accidentally say to my self I was a flat nose on zeq2. I didn't know damaera was here. He keeps spamming the chat. Flat nose flat nose he keeps saying that he doesn't even care I told him to St*u and he keeps doing it...
  4. G

    fatal error with open beta 1.3 final

    FATAL ERROR with 1.3 final FATAL ERROR MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed. can someone explain? i played ESF 1.3 with bot , then fatal error is appear. how i to do ? i like to play ESF 1.3 with bot
  5. U

    Whats this SONG/TRACK called?

    on the new 1.3 preview of boosting theres a track in there that runs through it, whats it called, its super 1337 and i really want it, anyone know?
  6. U

    help, whats that song/track called

    the new 40 second clip of boosting that just came out, looks good but the music owns, whats it called, anyone know? if you dont know what im talking abou take a look at the main page,
  7. Super_Saiyan_10

    Cool Game Called M.U.G.E.N

    Hey peeps... have you ever heard of a game called MUGEN its an AWSOME game and its free you can just DOWNLOAD it... its a 2D fighting GAME MAKER you can custimize it however you want you can DOWNLOAD BACKROUNDS,STAGES,LIFE BARS,EXE. and you can DOWNLOAD any character you want... wanna DOWNLOAD...
  8. Kaination

    Now I know why this mod is called ESF...

    Ha! I feel so dumb, I'm downloading entire DBZ series (I never watched dbz), and as I watch it, I hear the name "Earth's Special Forces". I go " Wait a minute..." and I finally get it XD I thought I should share
  9. D

    Whats this atk called??? it is from the return of cooler movie,when vegeta and goku are fighting him.
  10. Kaination

    Whats the movie called...

    where with brolly in it and goku fights brolly.
  11. Guru_San

    Green thing.. called revist

    Old piece i jazzed up a bit in college -SaN
  12. Guru_San

    What was it called!!!!!

    Ok guys where can i find it and what was it called, its was an online multi player DBZ game. 2d style, you could customize your own chara's hair, colour cloths etc, train, die, fly, find the dragon ball etc, you got a client thing then downloaded the game, the chara's were sorta like south park...
  13. KilledWithStyle

    Ents (or whatever they are called)

    I would like a copy of the Ents for ESF 1.2 This is mainly for a metamod remake called MetamodX. These guys are quicker on adding things into it instead of Metamod. I know them, and I could ask them to add the Ents for MetamodX. For those servers that want adminmod or AMXx or AMX. We all...
  14. T

    Gokussprite called??

    Any one no what gokus transformation sprite is called i looked every were in sprite folder cant find it trying to replace it with some thing.
  15. -Origin

    A sig called "Nova" :-)

    Okay, my new sig, no copy, BUT: WEAR SUNGLASSES TO PREVENT PERMANENT DAMAGE!! SCROLL DOWN TO SEE IT! I kinda like it... :?
  16. Kama

    I think it's called a mesh modifier...

    I'm not really sure what the term is, but hey, the title got your attention. My suggestion is basically to add a bit of spice and life to give ESF a more animated and actual dbz anime feeling ingame. It plays the role of animating faces in-game by switching them in certain...
  17. blackplague

    My new map called esf_rivals

    let me know what ya think :D
  18. E

    gmax help...i just got it and i cant understand it

    im trying to make brolli and does gmax skin it or do i just make the ploy thingy and i need some help also my aim is ss5krillingoku
  19. B

    5 min sketch

    ehm 5 min sketch + coloring did this when i was bored yesterday evening, i grabbed a lil notebooklet (like with the yellow paper and the sticky strip to paste it on a fridge etc) and a black ink ballpoint and sketched some stuff and came out with this its for my dod clan (sigh)...
  20. N

    gotenks sprites?

    hey i was just wonderin how you change the distructo disk? I searched but nothin came up :( also I put it in the folder but it dont work
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