1. Guerilla

    my first model! yey!

    heres a pic of it, im a complete model newb, heh
  2. N

    Fat Buu model is Phat.

    I luv fat buu! He is just lie a little kid. "ME EAT YOU UP!" Last words from Fat Buu before Vegeta honorably blows the shit out of him.
  3. Hibiki

    What Trunks?

    what trunks should esf have? future is soo much better cause he has the bad ass sword and looks hella cooler than the gay bojack trunks
  4. T

    im new....

    um i was wonderin wot program u guys would suggest i use to edit/make a new map for esf , i havent done it b4 , du need to know programmin? and also wot du use to edit character models?