1. Painkiller

    Bye, Bye!

    Bye guys :) My internet's going to go off in about 2 hours. Not going to have internet for atleast 1.5 weeks. @certain people, Hope you Njoy me being gone.
  2. Bardock1132

    bye bye

    i quit bye bye SCREW U ALL:devsmile::devsmile::devsmile::devsmile::devil::devil::devsmile:;(:devil:
  3. elNarr


    I'm not coming back. Ps. Minion ftw forever. o/
  4. Suh Dude

    Bye bye rock :'[

    So, I became less interested into Rock and Metal. I listened to it practically everyday, and then one day I got sick of it because its the same thing all over again! Ugh, the past weeks I've been listening to some hop and rap and I say wow, it sounds better for my ears. I was wondering if anyone...
  5. Suh Dude

    Bye -_-

    Well, I don't think many of you liked me, and I don't care if you do, but I'm leaving esforces. Kurt is trying to take away my reputation away by logging into my account, and use it to post happy man enjoying pleasure. It sucks to be me, but I don't think it'll be useful. Thanks for those who...
  6. crazykorean10

    Good BYE

    well my dad made me were i cant get on comp only for like an hour and so i leave GOOD BYE GUYS!! :tired:
  7. C

    Good bye all

    i always used my friends account to play esf. but now i got my own account and it's with halflife 2. The problem is that i can't get a hl in town, and since you won't switht to hl2 then i geuss im out. i had a great time here, i geuss i need to find another mod. Cya all sometime... maybe
  8. Z

    Bye my Frinds

    Hmm i have made this threat becurse i what to say bye too alle my frindes here on ESF forum.. :( my internet stops tomorro (1/6-2004) soo thx for som gode critz and stuff... i will maby com online 1 or 2 times every 14 day if i am lucky!!! :( :( BYE From Zarp the n00b skinner modler...
  9. F

    Good Bye Cucumba

    I read in grOOvy's dev journal that Cucumba was leaving his position. I would just like to say good bye, and you were always a cool guy. you were one of the nice ones on the forums. Good bye and God speed.
  10. SierraSonic

    Bye Bye Go SS!

    I'm grounded peeps, yep, thats means I can't annoy hibiki, or make many sexual jokes. -.- Well I'll look at this post when I come back. I'm pretty positive people know who i am.... i think. XD
  11. S

    well, bye guys its been fun...

    well its been fun guys but i got to go.... i messed up with my collage exams and failed, now am in trouble not only with my perants but with the collage teachers, (i have to resit the hole course again so i wont have time to be here any more, so cya guys good luck to you all. ssj Nathan...
  12. C

    Bye guys....

    Well thats it Ive unistalled all Half-life related material on my comp. Im finished with it once and for all. I just cant stand all the problems with the games and the new server changes. Im stopping cold turkey, and im gonna move on. I have to focus more on school this semester cause it is my...
  13. Snow

    Good Bye Stryker

    I wish you luck in the airforce.
  14. Optimus Prime

    Sorry (Barney's Soul) And everyone else, won servers are going BYE BYE!

    I have a bit of bad news that contradicts Barney's Soul post about won servers, :( Found this interesting snippit on the news page: "Counter-Strike 1.5 is still available, and will be for a couple of weeks. After we're...
  15. Jaredster

    Bye for now.

    Sorry people, I am going to take some time off from the forums due to personal reasons. I will prolly be back in a couple of months (maybe around the time HL2 gets released). I also won't be on irc for a while too. I may stay on AIM, my AIM: Jaredster5 . Well bye for now :(.
  16. N

    bye (not yet)

    i am going on vacation in 3 days, by thursday i'm gone (on vacation) i know that this is much too early too post, but i want too see your reactions, and i'm not such a fast guy :P
  17. V


    Well thxz for the site vegetto91 it really helped but if u have any other sites can u post it here and that goes for everyone that sees this plz post a link where i can find good skins (excluding redsaiyan) thxz (im impatient lol)
  18. PiXel

    vegetrunks how can host it?

    ok i made a vegetrunks his face is like vegeta and the hair to he has got a west and the clothts from trunks how can host it my icq 175569116 bye
  19. Skyrider

    bye bye all... Cu all next week

    :\ i am going away for 1 week on vacation :) i am going to France and i am going away tomorrow morning :) AAnnnwayyy.... just saying that i will be away for a week :) -peace guys.
  20. S

    ninja trunks {realease}?

    i have a pic for someone to host please anyone. or better yet tell me how to put pics in this.
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