1. U

    Practice mode and buttons showing

    Yeah the title is a difficult to understand, but here is what I mean: Practice mode which just lets you introduce to esf world by showing the buttons or the keys (like press space button to fly...) and lets you interact with a bot with step by step. Also gives you introduction what the...
  2. Barney's_Soul

    Madcatz Xbox 360 controller buttons mapped wrong

    I recently purchased a Madcatz Xbox 360 wired controller for use on my PC, downloaded the Microsoft Xbox360 controller drivers, and am using it right now. It is displayed properly everywhere, but the buttons are mapped wrong in games. My A button is recognized as X, my start button is recognized...
  3. nemix12

    ESF 1.3 Buttons

    idk why i dont see the buttons look
  4. webber


    I'm planing to do a map with a twist. In a way it will be a tournament map but with a twist i want to make it so that only two players can fight in the arena at one time. I figured out a way to do this with doors and buttons, here comes the problem: How do i make a system of doors...
  5. T

    Buttons help

    How do I use melee attacks, what do I press? And what do I press to type/talk?
  6. Alteh

    HELP with firefox buttons

    Hey, I've changed themes for firefox and now their is like multiple refresh buttons and stop and home everything. How do you fix it.
  7. Cookster


    Buttons for Earth League Request (PS Someone sticky this maybe?) I figured more people would check here than signatures, but Earth League needs some buttons and my web designer has pooped out on me. If someone would be willing to make me a couple buttons for Earth League that would be peachy...
  8. S

    missing buttons

    Ive downloaded ESF's (took me 8 hours) and when i launch ESF's the new game and training button are missing, plz help.
  9. Wangster

    lightwave 7.0 , please help.

    please help. i decided to start modeling today, and *got* lightwave 7.0 well, i have a verry good tutorial, but it asks for a sphere, i know what it is, BUT!: i first make a ball, cuz i can find sphere, then i just have the surroundings for a ball, nothing is showing up in the perspective can...
  10. T

    Whats This Map's Name?!?!

    I WANT TO KNOW THIS MAP'S NAME!!!! I remember playing a map in BOTM, but i cant remember its name and i thought it was really FCKIN COOL. (you might be wondering why im not posting this in the BOTM forum, I DID, THEY WONT ANSWER!) All i can give you is a discription: 1. It was small...
  11. M

    scaling a existig model?

    I'm a Milkshape N00b and try to scale a model from ESF... So, i tried first die Scale-line in the qc file.... but the figure is stuck in the ground then.... Then, I tried to scale the Reference Scene from the model... but the model only was sqashed together! So i try to scale the anmation *.smd...
  12. S

    Mouse Buttons

    On my mouse i have a mouse4 and a mouse5, when i try to bind them to keys, they show up in the bindlist, (in esf), but when i try to use them in the game they don't work i even tried to do it in the .cfg file in the esf directory, but that didn't work what am i doing wrong?
  13. Escobar

    My First Web Attempt

    Like the title says... its still WIP (specially tha main banner) , im also thinking of getting rid of dose affects on d side's but tell me wot joo fink... http://www.modded.net/~ef/forums/attachment.php?s=&postid=5276
  14. M

    New vbb buttons for this forum ;)

    Hello, My name is Michel and i am an Webdesigner/vbb style creator.. I cant stand forums with using standard vbb buttons :P So i made new buttons.. wel.. there the same but other colors. An example: The zip file includes All vbb images ;) It would be an hounour if u used them...
  15. Y

    I Can Do Flash Movies For Website

    I can do flash movies for the page if needed, things wich arnt too hard, I could do some c00l buttons :shocked: I could make some anymation :shocked: I could .... ok u guys tell me what to do :p I could make some things 4 u 2 try... tell me what u want
  16. F

    New Journal

    Hopeless Dreams I don't think I posted it here... I'm not really looking for a lot of critiques on how to improve it, but rather comments just on what you think about it.
  17. TimTheEnchantor

    Adding a imagemap to my website..

    But i'm stuck between 2 types of them. I am thinking on put this image go free and not be contained by tables.. So which one would look better?? (btw my scheme of my site are the colors used in these examples)
  18. R

    about ssj3goku

  19. I

    My Artwork... worth a look

    Worth a look.. but probably nothing more. Click here to go to my artwork For 56kers (which I am) It might take a lil while to d/l. Give your comments here. I made all of these except the two or three animated images at the bottom. :fight:
  20. Mr. Satans


    This Thread Is NOT Just About Songs For The Map -- PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE POST Currently I Am Working On Editing My DMZ_NeoTournament ( http://dmc.flagrun.net/viewitem.php?id=92 ) Maps For Use On ESF (Due To All The Compliments I Have Had On It). Which means resizing n stuff. I also plan to...