1. S

    video traing for future 3d artists

    guys just out.... . At 3dbuzz.com this guy supplies free video tutorials on how to work things from 3d studio max, php maya u name it. Well the big news is unreal tutorial is out...... and it shows u how to model, skin and so on using 3d studio max 5. All u have to do is register and u get ure...
  2. C

    layout tutorials

    it seems everywhere I go, they have tutorials just on making pictures. anyone know a place that can lead you to make your own, awesome, LAYOUTS, cuz right now, I'm not too hot, and Im sure some visual instructions would really help me.
  3. E

    ESF SPLASH SCREEN. What you think?

    What yall think?:\
  4. C

    8 new splash screens and buttons!

    Hey, SSJ Vegeta and I (-=[TIS]=- Clan leaders) have made 8 new splash screens and buttons and stuff for ESF the colors we have are... Red Green Blue White Black Yellow Orange Purple We will post them herer and on the TIS Site shortly. These are for Alpha AND OR Beta...
  5. xstortionist

    I need opinions on 2 of my portfolio sites....I CANT CHOOSE!!!! need your help!!!

    I made like 5 portfolio sites, and I narrowed them down to 2 layouts. I want to know which layout looks best. http://www.blank-man.com/xstortionist/portsite4.jpg or http://www.blank-man.com/stortionist.html
  6. S

    How do i make a model with milkshape 3-d

    Please help me out
  7. P

    Judge... got a job for ya!

    As u can see my PS skills r lacking, so i was wondering could u make me a sig, but make the sig like, have this on it -[TsS]-Piccolo-GNL- then buttons on the bottom Mail, AIM, ICQ(like the lower right im thinking) andorid 16 was suppose to cuz i made him smc forums, http://smc.ql.st...