1. FalconFury

    [Old PotW] FINISH BUSTER!!!

  2. dany_goku

    Buster Sword&Twin Sword

    I wanted to make a Cloud Strife model but I didn't have refs.Anyway I started with his sword.And also Kadaj's Twin Sword. http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p230/kakarottossj/twin3.jpg http://i129.photobucket.com/albums/p230/kakarottossj/twin2.jpg...
  3. Y

    Buster Sword [WIP]

  4. ~Dark Trunks~

    finishbuster is buster cannon O_o?

    ok here i go again lol. now ive been watchin the series, playin budokai and esf alot more lately and ive noticed that finishbuster isnt really finishbuster. i kno these are bad examples but let me make my point. we all kno trunks attacks werent given any names till budokai came out really...
  5. crazykorean10

    Buster Sword-frist model

    This is my first model to show to you people http://img15.exs.cx/img15/8673/untitled789-.png http://img15.exs.cx/img15/313/untitled7899.png http://img102.exs.cx/img102/1426/untitled78999.png http://img102.exs.cx/img102/9995/untitled789999.png plz give me critz *edit*spelled first wrong on...
  6. Robby

    Suggestion for Big Bang & Finish Buster

    MY RANT CONTINUES! Lol j/kish Anyway about Vegetas Big Bang and Trunks Finish Buster. Vegeta first because hes kick ass 1. Big bang should be see-able and have te following colours lightish orangeish outer color and a yellow inside. and litle particles gathering into it. Its kinda like...
  7. Darkside


    started skinning GAT-X103 Buster Gundam today the head O_o...
  8. HaLLiS

    Finishing Buster

    Since this attack is trunks best but not very powerful i thnk it should b charged quiker, but thats my opinion. What do u guys thnk?
  9. P

    [WIP] FFVII Buster Sword

    Still in modeling stages, need to skin and add holes. crits? i couldnt really find any good refs. and im not even sure if its the right shape edit: its too thick
  10. Enix

    Buster Gundam skin [WIP]

    I have started skinning darksides buster gundam. I have never skinned a mech before so give me a break, i know there not the right colors but i had a different color ref and i like these better:) butt they will be changed, check it out, C&C are welcome:
  11. Darkside


    buster gundam from gundam seed
  12. S

    finishing buster refs

    :paper: hi people i wanna know if anyone have refs for finishing buster or know where i can find it because i have search without results it's for a sprite i ll prefer have a small clip of it pleazzzz :yes:
  13. Neon

    Buster Shield

  14. dbrulz72

    Finish Buster Charge Sprite

    Is something suppost to happen when you charge finish buster?Cause I've seen a pic of him charging it with an energy ball above him.
  15. M

    A SUGGESTIONFIX for the Finishing Buster attack

    first thing that it wont be charged boringly like the BBA(edit: Big Bang Attack) in a diff way: when Trunks is rasing his hands the FinishingBuster.spr spirite should be seen!!! and charged like the DB attack but not in a way so the FB attack spirite (FinishingBuster.spr) will grow bigger...
  16. Darkside


    starting my third model, GAT-X103 Buster Gundam, while waiting for friend to teach me how to skin and animate so i can finish Aegis ^_^;; decided to start at bottom this time instead of with head ref pic
  17. I

    Samarigoku (reviving a dead thread)

    Well, i had a thread before..it got big...then died, so i'm gonna reving it I made a model replacement for goku, its called SamariGoku: *for a face closeup Credits go to: -the esf modeler for the goku model and face skin -Me for the hair and the body skin & sword skin -Whoever...
  18. Halorin

    Finishing Buster.

    To the people that knew Trunks well in 1.0. Does it seem like the Finishing Buster takes a lot longer to charge? It seems to do more damage, but I haven't tested it when everyone's SSJ when it normally starts to decline in effectiveness.
  19. Imp.GuranGa

    Dabura ( esf )

    I'm making a Dabura for ESF here is a pic :laff:
  20. Naz

    My first bryce work \o/

    offcourse with some help of my other knowledge from 3d progs, and some airbrushing enjoy! grtz Naz
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