1. Senkou

    :heart:[Request]Is there a bro...?

    Is there a bro who would be a real bro to do me a favor for an awesome signature and an avatar? FOR ME?!:scared: Rikuo sama would be glad if yes. :) This would be the pic which I would like to be used...
  2. Chakra-X

    Want to Buy Bro New Graphics Card

    My brother's birthday is coming up and I thought my mom and I could pitch in to get him a new graphics card so he can actually play games at decent settings. Last time I ventured in to GFX cards alone, I ****ed myself in the ass, and while I am more seasoned now, I still would like opinions...
  3. Suh Dude

    Installing Ubuntu on Bro's

    His system specs: ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Atlantis AMD (NVidea) Athlon 1.24 GHz & 512MB ram His computer monitor resolution 1680X1050. Last time I installed Linux, there was no default wide screen resolutions and when I used guides to figure it out it'd always go to console as the desktop...
  4. Kaination

    Super Smash Bro BRAWL: Game AND Defective thread!

    I'm surprised no one has made this topic yet. Well, here's a two in one topic, hope it goes well. Anyone here got their super smash bro's BRAWL game yet? I heard tons of people didn't work. Something with the lens and the dual layered disc. How's that holdin up for ya?! Also, for...
  5. V

    BRO sig

    well here it is crits and comments, its for a clan that im a member of ~VS~
  6. Death The Jedi

    Twisted Inferno

    I'm aware that this one kinda sucks.. I didn't realize how bad that section with the text in it looked till after I posted it here.
  7. Tweek

    Kid Buu 1.1

    ..Now this was origionaly sposed 2 be Super Buu but its sorta evolved in 2 a Kid buu over time O_o n e wayz i havnt quite finished the skin and i still hav the animations 2 do but its relase will b soon :laff: Enjoy ..Crits r welcome and smooth renderd pics shall b posted soon...
  8. P

    Zereth's Place

    Alright, A webpage I made.. I used: Photoshop/Image Ready/Notepad [Link] (Link don't work yet. Only a test.)
  9. T

    no request

    srry everyone i wish i was better but im not zero im tridan zero is my 14 year old brother his a little freak i hate him so im srry ill t5alk to someone so they could try putting back the thread.
  10. Smith

    Evil Vegeta

    I skinned this while my road runner was down from lightening (my tv blew up to :cry: ) I hope you like it, I have alot of two skins there, you can request a pair of them for your own use thanks for looking! Oh yea, credits to the esfteam, Im not trying to rip anything :( Im just no good at...
  11. H

    WallPaper for |DaK|AsSAsSiN|KaD|

    Hope ya like it, i didn't feel like askin ya what ya wanted or which gundam or colors or anything at all really.. i just did it.. lol so uh yeah if ya want a different one, I could do that too.. I enjoy making WPs and uh ya know.. I'll do some more if ya want a diff character and whatnot
  12. Messiah Daz

    Adding sky clips.

    I was told to chang ethe sky bg to go to map > map properties > enviroment map. I did that then chose the bg I wanted. I entered the name in the box: devils_advocate256_ft I compiled the map and when I tested it it said it couldnt load the sky bg :S Help please!
  13. B

    my first model and reskin please check it out

    ok update damged vegeta check it out please the pics are in the bottom of the page credits esf team
  14. P

    Made a simple Map

    Hello, I made a very simple Map :) But it is also great ;) you can destroy some parts of the battlefield. and the sky gives you the dbz feel *hrhr* please give me a feedback *g* So, check it out : cYa PayJay ;)
  15. DogLord

    Lord Nestor......WIP...for 1.1

    heres another necroscope character.....Lord Nestor.....nestor has leprecy (hope i'm spellin that right)'s the only disease the wamphyri can't fight he hides his face and body......this is what he's kinda gonna look like finished....he'll have 2 forms and maybe even a...
  16. V

    Goku Gt With Screenies !

  17. steve-o

    Vegeta.. needs critz

    Ok it aint finshed yet but here it so so far.. (btw this is my 3rd model in this style.. so dont blame me if it suxs) Ref pic: Pollys : 244
  18. TimTheEnchantor

    Remember the Holocaust Indy Art Image

    Remember the Holocaust..I know how this may be a horrifying subject to some, but here's a reality check, we don't want this to happen again...that's why we remind you...history shouldnt have to repeat itself in ways like this. Even nowadays, with all the potential of chemical warfare between...
  19. S

    Animators !

    Hello, I was just wondering if there was any animators out there that would be willing to give me a few lessons in Ms3d 1.6.6 for anim's.I'm new to modeling and I would like to learn as much as I can and I'm not a big fan of reading Tut's for 2 hours for every buttom in Ms3d. -Thanks Bebi Vegeta
  20. G

    model makers come here and tell me where i can get software

    i need software so i can make models and maps im a great designer so i can make awesome maps and models and i wont hold them for myself ill give to all even if red sayian wants to hold it they can so tell me