1. SSJ4boneVegeta

    Dragon Ball Gt: Final Bout on the PSX. Bebi a confirmed playable character.

    So I figured I'd create this thread since I recently popped in my Final bout game the other day. I remembered all the things I used to do to try and unlock all these rumoured characted. If you remember the was a code stating holding select and pressing square would make Bebi a playable...
  2. D

    bout mods

    how do i install mod pack 8.4..
  3. Z

    'Bout time I register

    All i've done for a good amount of time is walk in occasionally on the forums and look for some new maps and models, never really commenting on them, or agreeing to something. But, whatever. Now I'm registered, so you'll see me on. SOME of you will recognize me, others probably won't. Those...
  4. VeGeTTo

    quiz bout steam

    i have a question , in my "not installeed games" ther is no cs source ! but is hl2 demo :| i ain't got the hl2 eangen (sry) instaled , if i dl hl2 demo (3GB ??!?!?!!? ) will cs source apper on myh not installed list ? so i can dl it ? pls help is for my broddah P.S. i did not ask on the...

    Dragonball gt final bout gotenks advise

  6. T

    question bout transes

    Greets all, I got two questions 1)Is there any way to increase the amount of PL needed to trans? I'm transing too fast now and I want to make it harder... 2)And is there any way to decrease starting PL? Cause that would make transing harder too Thanks in advance
  7. F

    'bout 1.3...

    Yeah, devs and others, I apologize for opening a new thread but in the other, you guys told us that it will be released when it is done.. figures, duh.. but can't we get a status report atleast? such as: half done, 3 quarters done, 'why the hell do you care?' questions and so on? am sorry again...
  8. I

    How bout some of the Kais

    Hi there Any Kai would be nice
  9. R

    Question Bout Dragonballs

    I have the latest version of ESF, and there doesn't seem to be any dragonballs in any of the maps. So i'm wondering. Do you have to download a map with dragon balls in it, or is there some option i can't seem to find, or are they just removed.
  10. K

    How 'bout this one?

  11. B

    wat bout this

    well how bout this
  12. N

    Question bout Lag And Freezing

    I play for about 20-30 minutes before it finally stalls a bit.. then i have to press ESC and let it sit there for a minute before the lag finally finishes.. then when it does not even 5 minutes later it'll stop responding and forces me to close everything I have opened! I've done scandisk and...
  13. D

    bout esf 1.2

    Guys i just downloaded it en i must say :GOOD JOB MAN IT IS ****** AWSOME THE MELEE IS JUST COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLEST EVER i wanted to thank u guys its really cool goodjob :) :) Please don't edit one character in a curse word, let the forum filters handle it. Swearing is generally not allowed...
  14. T

    question bout the radio interview...

    is there a way that someone can link to a direct download to the interview? i mean esf-world downloads are not working..
  15. Cyfore

    what yall know bout dem aviators

    ive noticed since the new forum dillyos came about that people that had this forums avatars are... how can i say this... not showing. y?
  16. D

    bout won

    hey people are sayin that won is to old and needs to die so there all tryin to get u to steam . but when i play steam it looks crappy but will there be u think alwaysp layers on won?>
  17. SS2 Gohan E

    Wonderin BOut A mOdeL

    Were thurr NE? Bojack SSj2 Gohanz released AT ALL for 1.1 iv there wuz kan ne1 give meh a link
  18. D

    hi srry bout this

    ok first of all sry for the new tread but i need the help really bad i need somthin to work my vodoo2 card with esf cause the game freezes in 30 min but i maybe need new drivers or somthin but i dont know were to look or what to dl so would u wanna help me? Deathscytche
  19. SaiyanPrideXIX

    "Progress bars" -- How bout No?

    There's a lot of griping about the release date and wanting of a progress meter. I say to hell with the progress meter! Know why? Simple-- Because they've added like 30,000 new features to the game for this build that are secret or special little surprises that we weren't expecting. So I have...
  20. M

    Question bout Meele 1.2

    as almost everyone in the meele movies saw, when you contact the opponent youll hit him with several punches till hes unconst.. un.. stunned. this all happens in a horizontal way what if you hit him from above? will you punch him down? heres a sample pic to make you understand without...
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