1. C

    Verification and boards

    ive seen a whole bunch of threads about not being able to see the hl verified boards if you verified before activating your account, and im pretty sure thats what i did. All i can see is "News and Announcements" "ESF Related" "Off-Topic" and "Modding and Artwork". am i missing anything?
  2. A

    HL verification not allowing me to veiw boards

    I have successfully verified my account and when i try to log on to a HL verified board it opens the page to verify Any suggestions? Also if i try to re-verify my account it says account already verified. Thanks in advance
  3. E

    New to the Boards, and Questions

    Hey all! I'm new to these boards, so I'm going to let you guys know a little about myself before I ask my questions. I'm 18, already have a dedicated stand alone CS Server with AMXX up most of the day using 3000 kpbs down, 768 *usual adsl* I program in both .Net and Python (I'm learning a bit...
  4. R

    Havent posted since older stlye of boards

    So I guess this makes me a newbie once again. Ive been a member for ages, having troubles downloading the mod from the mirrors. But I will keep trying :) Im a 2d sprite artist and im worknig on an MMORPG with some friends based on Naruto. I play guitar, surf, draw, watch anime and thats about...
  5. The_Forgotten

    Free Message Boards?

    Hey do you guys know which Message Boards are free cause Im totally clueless.Yes I used google, it just gave all these forums(for ex NeoPets Message Board :S )
  6. S

    Good free bulletin boards?

    Anyone know of any good free bulletin boards? I know of phpBB2 and Invision board, but I'm looking for something new.
  7. blackplague


    If you want the model of vegeta that i changed for esf, please click here comes with mdl file and backup mdl file if you guys dont like it :) please post comments!
  8. I

    chibi trunks

    Here's my chibi trunks skin and this is how far i got on it....:smile: It would look better if i didnt save it as .jpg credits: dunno i got it off a french website
  9. T

    Hello, New To The Boards.

    Hello everyone how's everything, My name Is Tim, I love Anime,Matrix and gaming and a bit of Jujitsu on the side.Any hoo glad to be here.:cool:
  10. sexyasian86

    Edited Bebi Vegeta

    got bored and didn't want to start a pack i was supposed to so i created this. yes i know itz not what it is supposed to look like. but it just looked better SO DONT say it isn't what it looks like :D or i will do soething horrible lol. thank you. remember, it ISN'T WHAT IT IS...
  11. Skinnerfool


    I got milkshape nd registerted then i watied for 2 mins it said then i clik on save then said ur milkshape has expired so i quited and qaited for 40 mins and still its says that
  12. I

    Forum Boards And My-Sql

    i need to know somewhere where i can host my forum board, and where i can get a free my-sql account. this is very important. i welcome any positive feedback.
  13. D

    My krilin skin!

    Hi, I'm not new here or anything..... I've been with the oldest of the team. Before they were even esforces, they were power-up. Well anyhow wanted to know if anyone could give me lesson or 2 on how to do the clothing.... and yes i know about . This is what i've done...