1. Kain

    SSj2 lightning aura

    is there a lightening aura out there for download?
  2. Twysta

    will esf have the same fate as bfp?

    I was just wondering. I donno if this has been asked before. so sorry if it has. ESF is getting more and more popular (at least that what it seems like to me), BFP started off as a DBZ mod and then it got popular and FUNimation made them change it to non-DBZ. Would this ever happen to ESF...
  3. C

    Hi!I'm new. Just a few Q's on bfp and esf

    Hello fellow gamers. I'm new here (duh!) and i have a few questions to ask about BFP and ESF. I won't be flaming either games so don't worry! 1. I read that you can't do any hand to hand combos like punches and kicks in ESF. Is this true? 2. I know BFP had legal issues with FUNI. Does...
  4. P


    that is a kick ass q3 mod, just downloaded it today, you gotta love that quake 3 engine
  5. M

    Poll: Which is better BFP or ESF

    IF ur wondering wut BFP means for a u new people out there, it means Bid for power. u can go to this website to check out this. Wut do u think is better? :)
  6. K


    Hey guys i'm new to the forums and i know this has nothing to do with ESF but i was just wondering because i have Windows 2000 Pro. and i can't play BFP because it requires Open GL i check around and it says its only compatible with Windows 98 or 95 does anyone know a site where i can download...
  7. S

    Modelling Program Features

    Modelling Program Features gmax poly modelling tools = yes box modelling tools = yes particle systems = no rendering system = no biped animation = no (impretty sure as Character studio costs $$) bone animation = yes IK system animation = no (a charatcer studio thing) good...
  8. Y

    Whos has yamcha as a modle?

    I haven't seen no models of yamcha does anybody has one or know where i could find one?
  9. A

    who hates bfp?

    i want to now who hates bfp like me, stupid thing keeps crashing, and there are almost no power struggles!
  10. dudeman

    BFP skinpack

    hey guys, i just released my new BidForPower skinpack... download it at: check it out!!! :) i also have a nice background for ESF but that one is pretty old hehe...
  11. Big Bang Attack

    Im trying to put a pic up

    title says it all
  12. S

    Link to zoids mod and bfp trouble

    Okay, even though I post much more at other boards, I post least here anyways, here's my two questions: 1)I heard some talk about a Zoids mod being made. Can someone give me the link please? 2)When I was playing bfp, all of a sudden the 3rd person view switched to a close up 3rd person view...
  13. T

    hey esf look at this (this is not a leak)

    i wont say how i did this but all i can say it was very easy.... no im not giving it out either because i like the esf team to much. there is no point in this im just saying to the esf team you should change that gohan model alot more then you did...
  14. .FM.

    BFP This friday!

    yes thats right bid for power will be released this Friday.
  15. Gogeta

    BFP vs ESF and ESF 2.1

    ahh, unfortunately I never played BFP, FUNimation sent a f00ken! siese and disist order, i guess it was better than infrograms's!!! LOL, that is sad...., so I go for ESF all da WAY!! w00t! oh yea and does anyone know about 2.1? I need to know ASAP when it is EXPECTED to be released, esf 2 is...
  16. SA_Gohan

    SSJ4 Goku

    This is my first really high poly model. It has about 800 vertices. What do you think?
  17. NightShade

    dmz and bfp.

    Playing esf (even tho i said i was leaving. someone talk me back into it) And 3 people came on this sever crying at how dmz is better. (i laughed at the time. but i wanted to see how many severs was up and had people. Sure enough there was more then esf. BUT the only reason this is because...
  18. S

    BFP Trunks

    It didnt say anything about this in the forum rules so here it goes... Does anyone got Mirai Trunks w/ sword to BFP for Q3??? if this is wrong to post leak stuff (even tough the DBZ part is dead in BFP) just delete my post or something. But I really want Trunks so can anyone send him to me...