1. Eon

    [TITLE MATCH] The fight for the tag team belt.

    This is it. I know there was supposed to be a doubles tournament, but Cuc, I'm asking you, the Rumble lasted 4 years, and it's taken one person a year's worth of stalls to post. I don't want to be retired from my career to get a tag team belt. But if you object, say the word. Myself, and...
  2. Mr. Satans

    *Sigh* Fix Buu's Belt

    I have ranted on and on about this since v1.0 Beta yet it has not be dealt with. Sure, it isn't THAT important BUT it would take 1min to FIX :/ The _)v(_ on Buu's belt has been deformed since ESF Beta v1.0 -- A few people have fixed it themselves since then but it has never been done...
  3. Goten-son

    waving belt

    Hey wouldn't it be cool if the belts on the charectar started like waving up when you power up or shoot a huge blast? or if u start to swoop. just a thought to make the game seem more lively when your around someone
  4. T


    critz tooik me about a hour
  5. R

    Goku WIP

    I m making a wipp of goku , heres what i v done (did it in 8 h.) the head will be there soon , also i m fixing fingers <object id="MS3DViewerCtl" width="400" height="400" classid="CLSID:59131903-4A33-40D5-80C2-5242DD365AB3"...
  6. M

    Gogetta WIP

    so far, fat up the top from side on, thin on the bottom. 655 polies
  7. T

    GT Goku Wip

    im making a chibi goku from dbgt.. check it out
  8. S

    well here is my NEWEST skin

    well i have been skiining alday yesturday and came up with this credits:Mr Smo for the model me for the new skin maps and skins(also smo for the parts that havent been maped or skined.. yet) here is the front (note that i am still working on the face and the top of the chest area*i also...
  9. Ultra33Gokussj3

    Nuttzy base - Goku WIP

    Decided to make goku from nuttzy bse model Credit to: Nuttzy , me
  10. CM

    [WIP] Goku

    used nuttzys base model, rescaled the feet *will be fixed later* belt straps are temporary just to give the look. my bro is workin on the chest and head so thats that, and i might redo the feet, individual toes are good especially with the current, very generous poly count i see. i need to clean...
  11. DaKD

    SSJ Goku bdmg skin

    Well i decided to try my hand at skinning. I did not make this model or the original skin, as you can tell it was xpertly done by Mr. Smo himself. This is a skin edit I wont release without his permission either. Also I edited the mesh. Can i get some crits tho please...
  12. Element4q2

    Element4q2's WIPs

    Ok here's some new stuff i'm working on. Bardock: Based on my edit of Smo's Goku head and the Original ESF Vegeta Credit: Smo and ESF Team Lord Slug: (need someone to help me do the body cause its really hard) Any volunteers? Credit: ESF Team USSJ Trunks in Capsule Corp Suit...
  13. D


    The new green saiyan! Aka Kakoran: Credits Me, Ice Man, and .slim//, AzN, and Bryggz
  14. N

    Son Goku - W.I.P

    here you can see the model i'm working on... it isnt finished yet, but i hope you like it. gimme some comments :] by the way, sorry for my english i'm from germany :D
  15. MysticVegeta

    Tapion model reskinned

    I reskinned a tapion model. Its almost ready its with a soundpack too. Credits to Forcefightersz for the model
  16. C

    The fixed buu model

    does anyone have it? the one where the M on the belt actually looks like an M?
  17. sexyasian86

    NEW Bojacks Trunks

    hello, i'm practically done with my trunks, just need to find a rally good skinner to skin the front part of his chest. need to skin the rest of the sword strap. if u can see it. i used brollman edit of his trunks. and wh00t got this need skinner to help me with that damn strap...
  18. We$$ide

    goku battle damaged

    I've made reskinned the ESF goku model, and i used a view parts of the other goku dam model, and i give them credits download: (copy and paste the link)
  19. Effigy

    Buu's Belt the sequel

    Well here i am again and after the last buu belt thread ending with me being a nazi i am going to try again here is something tangible people:
  20. T

    Rank My Sig!

    Hello all, Im new to making sigs and this is maybe my 3rd or 4th sig ive created. So please rank my sig from 1-lowest and 10-highest, also please tell me what i might have done wrong etc. Thanks.