1. K

    2 questions

    1 could someone give me a link to normal bebi vegeta not super sayin and 2 this is off topic sorry but i downloaded a clip at my cousins house and it was ssj radits was when the demon jeneba resserwcted all the bad guy cause ive seen that movie and i dont remember seing that
  2. E

    SSJ Bebi Vegeta

    I've seen the cool model of bebi Vegeta so I thought what would happen if he transforms into a SSJ so I've created this guy: <img border="0" src="" width="903" height="598"> <a href="">SSJ...
  3. X

    Which Evil Form 0wnz, Bebi or Majin?

    This is in reference to Vegeta ONLY. Not Babidi or Dabura or Buu. Just wanna know which Form you guys think Vegeta looked best on Bebi or Majin?
  4. .FM.

    rs vegeta?

  5. TehMuffinMan

    bebi vegeta reskin

    *cough* anyways, tell me wat u think! >>UPDATED PICCY<<<
  6. R

    Bebi vegita

    okay people heres a an idea for ya u remeber when bebi came to earth before he made vegita all****ed up u should skin a vegita model like him when he is skinny and has on all back or the red top with the blue geans on i think gloves no finger gloves now that would be kool
  7. M

    Why not

    Hmm i thought i might post my newest models here... there not for dmz there for sr (yet another dbz mod) umm and yeh... I might have posted these before i dunno but anyway. Ssj4 Goku Ssj4 Vegeta Ussj Trunks Bebi Vegeta Lii Shenlong W.I.P Black Star...
  8. Chimpbot

    More Pictures

    Here's some more pictures.... usual...10-20 minutes, all done with pen. Enjoy :D
  9. 4xMega-Saiyajin

    Tenshinhan draw , what do u guys think?

    here for u tenshinhan/tien fans , what do u think about this lil pic? some comments plz!!!
  10. thor

    Bebi Vegeta model

    is there a good bebi vegeta model when hes whereing this armer
  11. S

    Metro-Tek Bebi Vegeta

    Dude your post got deleted... Where is it,, did you finished the model?
  12. T

    Faces model skinned by metro-tek(W.I.P.)

    here take a look so far tell me what you think
  13. T

    Get that BEBI in my tummy!

    aight im almost finshed wit the arms and the chest... abs are getting redone and the everything gold... post feedback! *dont say **** about the model i didnt do it.....*
  14. T

    1 hour face (bebi vegeta)

    here is a quick skin i did for my firends model its bebi vegeta... i kinda of mostly guessed what he looked like since every pic i have seen of him he looks different...
  15. S

    Gosh My Face Is RED!

    lol look at this... its my ACTUAL SKIN WITHOUT THE SKINMAP BACKWARDS... My Real Skin Of Brolli
  16. K

    hey read this please android 16

    hey can iasku a favor well i wanted to know if u could make me another sig with ssj4 bebi vegeta firing a ki wave on theright side and goku ssj4 firing a super kamehameha wave and in the background make it like a bluish red lava type of layout and make silver lettering in the background middle...
  17. G

    What do u think of my BEBI SIG??

    Wat do u think?? :no: or :yes:
  18. G

    Look at my bebi model

    Look at my bebi model _________________ MADE BY SPIN THANK YOU SPIN! _________________ MADE BY -[gF]-Tien