1. P

    bebi vegeta..

    hiya. i was thinking that the esf crew should put in bebi vegeta as a selectable character. even though i havent ever seen an episode with him i do know he has more than one transformation so he might be a useful character to put in.
  2. Skinnerfool

    My Version of the trunks hair in black suit

    CLICK HERE Credits ----------- Man im tired goiving out credtis i'll edit my post later
  3. S

    plzzz help me i need a new sound file for esf!

    can any one send me the sound file for esf because my cuz downloaded a bebi vagita and it came with a sound file which hereplaced the old one with and now vagita talks in japanise can any one help me out?? thx
  4. K


    i think bebi shuld be added.hes fr0m the saga ,so its possible..who else u guys think shuld be added?
  5. Es_Trunks2

    Bebi pack update thread

    alright heres what i got done so far,i've reskinned vegeta and deleted his hair and now i need to make new hair but i'm gobnna wait for this because i'mm on vacation and i dont wanna work i'll post mroe mdoel updates onnthis threqad and wont make anymroe threads :fight:
  6. Es_Trunks2

    Bebi pack

    no this isnt just a bebi vegeta pack:] i'm going to add some other bebi's as well,AND I KNOW vegeta is the only one to become a Bebi(name) but i think it would be cool to have mroe bebi's :D anyway the bebi vegeta i'm putting in the pacdk is on my model edit's page,unlike the opther bebi...
  7. S

    need new cell,freeza,krillin,buu models

    does someone now good sites with esf skins because mine suck:\ especially for :notice:cell,freeza,krillin,buu and goku
  8. B

    ssj5 RELEASED

    ok this is my ssj5 vegeta...i did the skin from scratch except for the idea behind this came from this forum....someone asked about one or said they were making one....what i did here was a mid transformation....the giant golden ape changes back to level 4...but for a brief second...
  9. S

    Aura model?? Anyone??

    Hey have one of you ever tried downloading the red aura from the esf aura download section at ?? Well it's nice and all but the effect that follows you is starting to irritate me! It looks to dumb. It's just a straight line that blocks half of the screen sometimes. NOw...
  10. Y

    short hair mdl

    sorry nitro Cooler didnt told me
  11. S

    Bebi vegeta

    Man i heard so much about bebi vegeta:shocked: ;) ...but what's bebi vegeta ,i saw some Litle part's of movie's he whas fighting goku is he evil O_O again;) some one know's the story:p
  12. USSJ3-Vegeta

    Bebi Vegeta (Re-Skin)

    **EDIT** Try Links Now Hopefully they will work! Anywayz first off i like to give all credit to Ersens for making the model for ESF...He made this model I just Re-Skinned it...well anywayz heres the Bebi Vegeta I Did...only a 35 min job and plus I couldnt find any good pics of him so I did...
  13. Vladdie

    can someone make me a bebi vegeta pls?

    look at the subject
  14. Logan4434

    Bebi Vegita reskin

    I have a reskin i made if a vegita i dled here just needs to be hosted
  15. A

    Vegeta gt + ssj4 Released

    Here is the ssj4 pack
  16. Freezer 75%

    Bebi vegeta pack redone

    ohh and could ya maby ya know maby make a good bebi vegeta pack most r crap vegetahas spiky hair and bebi vegeta has a mohawk
  17. B

    Bebi Vegeta Fused Goku(ONly Goku skin)

    Well i'm a noob but i'm not the ba that post those skins or models and claim credit i'm new and this is my very first skin i ever made and i also use the picture cut them out print it then color then scan it and turn it into a .bmp file then walla made my skin but i'm not going to release it...
  18. K

    Any one have normal bebi Vegeta

    Any have it not ssj i got ssj but not normal oh and how to you add pictures from my pictures on desk top
  19. E

    My work

    <img border="0" src="" width="903" height="598"></p> <p><a href="">SSJ Bebi Vegeta</a></p> <p><img border="0" src="" width="628"...
  20. K

    Mystic Gohan

    mystic gohan cant go ssj or at least his hair dont change colar he cant go ssj thats why its called mystic oh and any one have normal bebi vegeta or mystic gohan not ssj