1. Sonic the Vampire

    Greatest Music Video of All Time? Pork and Beans! The Internet Culture and You.

    Time to catch up on your internet memes! I stole this off of, which linked to its Youtube address, which is where I'm linking you right now. This is Weezer's latest music video, for the song "Pork and Beans." The references are fairly...
  2. GoldenBlade

    Sensu Beans

    Is someone working at fixing the sensu bean bug? From what i have eard they are there, we just cant reach them because they get into the ground it this true?
  3. R

    Sensu beans

    how do i get sensu beans
  4. Andreyesf

    Colided beans :]

    ok her is my sugestion with the help of an old friend vegetto :laff: . I was thinking when 2 people strugle with beans the beans should be bigger this is the CLIP i think is a good sugestion ;)
  5. J


    o_o i have no idea where the beans are on the game but i have the bag is this a bug or what plz help me out
  6. S

    Other game modes sensu beans and dragonballs

    i heard there used to be a collect the dragball mode and does it still exist and also are there still sensue beans on the maps?
  7. J


    I have a question. How can i use Beans??? plz help me.
  8. Volrath

    About Senzu Beans

    Whats Up Guys :D I've been thinking on those days on a way to improve the senzu beans system... and my first idea about it is: Krilin starts with a particular number of senzu beans, on that way we can go witch the DBZ history, Krilin is the "bean guy" :) On that way he can trow beans...
  9. E

    sensu beans?

    whats the story with the sensu beans? i have yet to see even one... ive made a map with a spawn point for em... still dont see em
  10. R

    senzu beans

    i think i have read all of the stickies and rules topics, but i haven't found anything specific in how to find (or where) the senzu beans. can anyone please tell me?
  11. I

    Dragon balls, Sensu beans while using steam.

    Ok I'm not sure if this is a problem with the mod or something else so here I go. First is how do I get a sensu bean? Second is why when I make a server and I choose the game mod to be with dragon balls I can't find any dragon balls? And there is somekind of attack for every character I think...
  12. B

    Some problem, i cant play CTDB abd dont have beans...

    hi all sup? im kinda new here, and i need some help. i just downloaded new version (1.2) and i cant play CTDB or have Sensu Beans... when i choose at the server menu CTDB and start a game with friends, i can see any DB(Dragon Ballz) when im in the game... and i cant see even 1 sensu bean...
  13. Shuyin

    Sensu Beans Usage

    (Quick Solution) - Remove them from map locations. + Give X amount of sensu beans to starting players. Then you wont be sensu bean camping. You wont live all day. And everyone lives longer. The End.
  14. stiffdog

    sensu beans

    uh, ive noticed something when i select sensu bean off the attack menu i think "why the heck is this even here" since there are hardly ne beans in any of the maps why dont you just be able to start off with 1 sensu bean in your pouch. when u get beat up u could eat it. If u kill someone you...
  15. SuperDragonFist

    Saiyajin...senzu beans

    i suggest what if when goku, vegeta, trunks, gohan or cell use a bean at about less than 10 health they gain a small amount of ki maybe an amount of 10k it would make the game be more like the show how if they recover from near death they gain more power......there will be spammers but its only...
  16. B

    trans 2 or senus beans

    1)will there be senus beans in 1.2. 2)will there be transform ssj2 or still ssj 3)will the tial of the beam be small an the front be big.
  17. C


    lol Okay 1st of all i'd love it if you could actully see your ALLIE's HL sothat you know when to heal him... And How is the stuff gonna work in 1,2?With the maps and all?
  18. G

    Where is Sensu Beans in map ?

    i only find in esf_lavapit and esf_riverside 2 maps who can tell another ? have picture be good ! thx :smile:
  19. M

    DragonBalls and Sensu Beans

    In what maps can I find dragonballs or sensu beans. Also how do i pick up the dragon ball and use it?
  20. T

    Need help with sensu beans...

    plz, can anyone help me in: 1-finding sensu beans in each map (where r they) except in esf_MTSIDE 2-plz post me a pic of a sensu bean cause ive already picked them but when i trhow themn at the ground i dont see them... 3-answer me if there r sensu beans in every map plz, help me Thiklitsa