1. S

    Advanced Melee + Generic Beam

    Well, I was thinking about the game play in ESF 1.2, I love it. But, I was also thinking about how this might kick up the game play a notch. As it is, the advanced melee does a great deal of damage, but I do recall seeing in the dev journals, that they might reduce the damage? Correct me if...
  2. B

    Finger beam?

    should there be a finger beam? not the deathbeam.. like the episoide of DBZ when goten made buu explode with the help of picolo, they had to laser the remains but they just reformed into little buus and then all of the little buus became a big buu...... soo.......... yea
  3. M

    Evil Buu Beam jump anim

    As i was making my Buu balls, i noticed that Evil Buu's beamjump anim was wrong, it looked like an idle anim, so i made one and had the fix in my pack, but the ESF team should fix it and make a real beam jump anim for Evil Buu.
  4. D

    Beam Struggle Transform

    Let's say you are in a beam struggle and you know you cannot win. You should be able to transform to give you that extra bit of power to push it back. Like in the episodes, when Gohan transformed to Super Saiyan to push back Goku's Kamehameha Wave in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Or when Goku...
  5. C

    Beam spamming and melee spamming...

    Honestly, ppl shouldn't critisize beam spamming, melee spamming, throw spamming, etc because it's part of the game. It's like the camping of counter-strike. And besides, there is a counter to them. Why do ppl hate them so much anywaz? There are easy ways to stop beam and melee spammers...
  6. D

    My suggestions for beam struggles

    K first of all i'll introduce myself. I've been playing the mod for a long time and i really like it, and i have been reading the forums for quite a while, so im gonna say what i think should be in the game. Currently, when you fire a beam towards someone the beam head goes off on a tangent...
  7. O

    another beam suggestion

    I don't know if u noticed but when u fire a beam its attached only to one hand. I think its kinda annoying. Well I suggest that the beam will come out between the hands.
  8. O

    beam suggestion

    I suggest that if u fire a beam and it kills someone then it should go through him but if it doesn't the beam will just explode. simple.
  9. S

    Enhance/Fix Beam power struggle

    I have found this game to be really close to the show, but one thing bothers me, beam power struggles..... id like to see the power stuggles be like the episodes Gohan Vs. Cell , the two beams become one with a Big energy ball in the center that moves back and forth depending on whos putting out...
  10. Phatslugga

    Special Beam Cannon chop

    Oh my dear god.... I looked around to see if this was pointed out yet, but it doesn't look like it. Normally I get 70-80 FPS pretty much all the time when I play, however, I was in a server the other day with a few piccolos and cells. They were spamming the SBC, which doesn't bother me, until I...
  11. S

    Beam struggles crash the server.

    This has happened a couple of times when I create a server. Me, and someone would be having a heated fight then we would launch beams at each other, and a big beam struggle forms, but then when it explodes my server crashes. Is this a bug you guys have already fixed, or no, or do you not know...