1. gigirs50

    babidi ship(work in progres)

    map babidi:yes::yes::yes::yes:
  2. S

    My first DBZ model! (babidi ;p)

    YAY! first time i tried modeling a DBZ character. I chose babidi, cause I dont think he's ever been modeled b4 (or atleast not much) atm it is 1710 tris.I didnt really aim for a certain amount, just tried to stay as low as possible with adding as much detail as i found needed to be there...
  3. M

    New Babidi Model(UTF™) - wip (revived, as myself :D)

    ty m8 :D now THATS a nice warm welcoming -_- concerning this thread starting tomorrow I will continue to update this thread about that model :) atm I just wanna make sure I finished everybusiness I have with the mods b4 deleting posts...
  4. G

    Babidi's Hideout

    O rightly folks I’m going to show ya and here how I make a level from scratch. Hope ur interested to keep ya update it till I will reach 100% {50% for outside and 50% for inside} Most of the ppl told me to make a hideout level so I choused the map to be Babidi’s hideout (outside and of...
  5. RoshkoMasta

    New Babidi Model(UTF™) - wip

    New Babidi Model - wip yep, he has been a bad boy so he needs some whipping: ph34r 7h3 p00r b3457! 450 poly counts also first time gonna model folds: might need some help on that one (OFF: btw, Im not done with my ROSHI yet!!!) <img...
  6. Veger

    Babidi again

    I saw many ppl trying to make a babidi ship so i thoutht i will release my own here's the linkamx_babidi and i am from luthuania there my nick is supaman you can see the signature there outside of the map when in spectating mode. :D give critz or something :) P.S:I created in one day...
  7. S

    Making babidi map

    Well i think cold steel has taken a break from the babidi map, and i was really looking forward to it. So i thought, ill have a go at it myself. Atm, ive constructed three rooms from the babidi ship and they look real close to the ones in the show. I also plan on making teleport buttons on...
  8. Super Veggeto

    i need a babidi model...(explenaion)

    like esf movies i am making a ssj3 intro of my own and it's looking good, im almost finished but i need a babidi model for it...i know it's a bit hard but it's very very important... BTW when i finish the intro i'll release it...
  9. SS2 Gohan E

    Babidis Ship

    Someone should make babidi's spaceship level where u can teleport in n out juzz like in alpha
  10. S

    kami map and esf_buu thread

    I need a working link to the map gotesapalce or somthing and I need that map to work for esf thanks in adance O yea MAx's new esf map will r0ck! I cant wait to dl it esf_buu will be so cool one sugestion make it so realistic like the show like when goku fought that one guy make everything like...
  11. A

    Desert training area.

    I think it was the Saiyan Saga... When piccolo was training Gohan to get ready for whoever was coming (sure it was vegeta and nappa) But it was like a desert area with lots of stone platforms and cliffs etc. just popped into me head.
  12. E

    Babade's ship

    u guys now in the majin buu saga i think you should make a map of the ship dont know how if its even posiable but u should make the rooms change too it would be asaume
  13. Majin Vegeta 05

    Majin vegeta model

    can some 1 get me a pic of a majin vegeta model