1. D

    Help with the avatar icons

    Some one please tell me how to get my own avatar icon because i have a picture i want to use (no its not porn)
  2. MaX

    my 1st model edit. and i need a animator for it.

    http://wave.prohosting.com/~shask/ssj2gohanbded.zip look there for the pics but. i need some to animate him. please.. im learning animating so i would make that edit i did horrble. Credits: S-Bolt for the ss2gohan head. Azn Dragon:for everything but the head. :) pm me if u can animate...
  3. Packed Lunch


    why cant i change avatar it sez no, but its below its 100x100 mark? ;(
  4. SA_Gohan

    DBZ FF - The Avatar

    Hello all, taking a short respite from modelling and turning some attention to writing. That being so, I've written up this fanfic/roleplay. Most of the character's used in this story are of my own creation, but some are not (not including the z fighters we all know and love.) When I make a...
  5. K

    avatar res help

    hey, i'm looking to make my own avatar, i've got all the pics lined up and Everything! i just need to know the res, and i've looked in artworkm and sigs and can't find it help anyone?
  6. shinigami

    New Sig, New avatar, New Design.

    I decided that it was time for a new look. Yes, or no?
  7. GhostfaceKillah

    whoopee new sig (and avatar)!!!

    look at bottem post
  8. saiyanslayer

    Gif Thx

    My new avatar is the result. I thank you all who helped.
  9. owa

    New Sig... New Avatar... New Style...

    Hey, I finally got around to making a new style. I spent 2 hours on it as well. The sig itself didn't take that long, but figuring out what it'd look like and the style of it added onto the time. Anyways enjoy and give me some critz and comments! Yes.. New style for me to over use! w00t.
  10. S

    some one make me a sig plz and avatar

    Can some one plz make me a final fantasy sig and avatar thank you in advance
  11. S

    New Sig! (woot)

    me gots a new sig... and btw I DID make the skin for both the sig and avatar :o
  12. Z

    Where can i get these things?

    can anyone tell me where i can get skin creators or general tools to create things for esf
  13. Ryoko

    Anime avatar gif thread! o/

    Well, to celebrate my kawaii new avatar I was wondering. Can you beat it? Post your anime gif's here! Also, im asking for you to help me find some more Ryoko ones :p