1. Shadi

    Who has the best avatar out of the two posters above?

    Look at the two posters above you, who has the best avatar? Simple yet fun game! Rules: You must wait for two people to post after you before you post again, so that you are not judging your own avatar. (The first poster after this post will just have to make a random post) If you post at...
  2. SuperSaiyan -3

    How you like my avatar and sig?

    Simple edits. Like em? :p ======edited cus my sig didnt show up=
  3. Grega

    The avatar of death celebrates

    Happy B-Day MY May your scythe cleave the mods into submission XD
  4. Deman

    That Other Avatar Movie

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0iwh70CLHiM So anyone else going to catch this? I'm gonna have to say it's lookin pretty badass so far.
  5. Tenzo

    Make your own avatar

    http://www.avatarizeyourself.com Upload a pic with you , follow instructions told there and post your custom avatar here. :) Here's mine:
  6. C

    Sync the Avatar head with the actually head

    Making a sync with the avatar face expression/head at the buttom left side of the screen to the actual fighting character, will make much more sense and will be awesome :smile:
  7. elcor

    Avatar film;:James Cameron

    wow i already see the film in 3D and this is great ,GOD! the film during around 2:30 h/m all sound all grafic the story ,animation all is pretty nice and great. now i want see again ejeje. also i want play the game. anybody is going to see? pics: coment and critics.
  8. Sonlex

    [Manga/Anime] Avatar: The Last Airbender

    Now! I am a huge fan of this Anime, it is the only american anime, that i have ever ever considered watching .. and boy is it good! - Everything from the artstyle, to the choreography is amazingly well made, and has a flow unlike any anime's i have ever seen before! The story is a chapter of...
  9. Deman

    Avatar Upload Problems

    For whatever reason, the UserCP wouldn't upload the image I'm using as my avatar. I got it in by hax0ring, though I have no idea why it wouldn't work the normal way.
  10. sub

    Avatar Sizes

    If Dam gets an avatar thats 9 billion pixels wide by 9 billion pixels long, I think the rest of us should have that option too. Seriously, we get 80 x 80.
  11. Raine

    Avatar - Upload of File Failed

    Sorry if this is the wrong section, i didn't want to put this under help because that is ESF related. Whenever i try to upload my avatar it says Upload Failed. It is 28.4 KB and 100x100 Pixels, and i tried it in JPG and GIF form. Whats going on?
  12. M

    The Avatar

  13. K

    Sig & avatar request!!??!

    could some great photoshop user make me a great avatar and sig with this render :P?? if you could do 2 sigs and avs i would love you :P (not rly :devil:)
  14. Nemix

    Sig & avatar request!!??!

    could some great photoshop user make me a great avatar and sig with this render :P?? if you could do 2 sigs and avs i would love you :P (not rly :devil:)
  15. MONXver2.0

    How great is my avatar?

    VOTE NOW!!!! T-850 series Model 101 > everything. :smile:
  16. Kaination

    No avatar uploads?

    How come I can't upload any avatars? :<
  17. LionHeart

    Need a new sig and avatar

    Need a new sig and an avatar I need a sig with the text LionHeart on it and a matching avatar (text optional for the avatar). Here's the stock: http://www.gameland.lv/Wallpapers/PC/RobinHood_The%20LegendofSherwood/RH_RobinHood_1280x1024.jpg I would've added img tags but it's pretty big 1280x1024
  18. M

    The Avatar

  19. LionHeart

    Avatar request

    Ok, so I'm thinking of changing my avatar, don't realy have a favorite anime character in mind to pick from. Oh and the text on it should be either lion or Lion or LionHeart. You can chose any anime character you want, even dbz or naruto or any other major anime or even one that few people...
  20. Keiha

    Quick Avatar Assistance

    Can someone please resize this to 10kb~?