1. |Da|K|

    Sig for a friend CRizt plz

    i made this sig for my friend Hawki_ice (took me 3 min so bare with me)
  2. Macro-Gamer

    Macro-Gamer's sig thread

    Macro-Gamer's sig thread: crits please I did a couple of quick sigs a few days ago. I don't think i'm happy with them so i prolly wont be using ether. But theres more to come. Oh and i havn't figured out how to get these links working properly so if the pic doesn't work, copy and past the link...
  3. saiyanslayer

    Animated GIF Maker

    Alo alo Which program do you use to make animated pics? I'm at a loss trying to figure out which one to use.
  4. S


    it wont let me make this picture my avatar because its too big!! its smaller then most of your avatars and its telling me mines too big how do i make it smaller?
  5. Super_Vegeta.LE

    Gotenks in the works

    Im back with a new, and better model, this one is of gotenks :) tell me what you think :)
  6. A

    z fighters vs the world

    hey guys any1 here know's the z fighters vs the world game ? u know .. the 2d fighting game , anyway , i just wanted to ask u guys who knows where can i get some charecter's for it , if there are any , cuz there is a add/remove feature there if u know where i can get some , plz tell me
  7. A

    Critz on my new siggy

    Well.. I made a new sig... this is my 4th sig and i am a HUGE!!! n00b in photoshop... but here it g0se. soo... is it good 2 use? :rolleyes: // zion
  8. S

    How do i...

    get my own avatar? i cant figure out how to get my own avatar. *edit* nevermind... i figured it out. gotta have over 50 posts can you delete this now?? please!!?? thanx..
  9. Phobius

    Phob's new look.

    Well check out my new sig and avatar done by the one and only Ryoko my best buddy. :D /me snuggles up to ryoko and never lets go.
  10. Messiah Daz

    New Sig Crits

    Well what do you guys think of my new sig? Comments please
  11. Loki

    Avatar request

    Um I think dudeman was the last one to make one of these for me, the ones where it flashs inbetween different pics and my name. Well I want one with 2 pics of chi (Chobits) and then my name. It rotates over and over. EDIT*- U'za all lazy
  12. Messiah Daz

    New Avatar Crits

    Hey well I made a new avatar on my new found psp7 Skills and wanted to know what people think. Its not much compared to most others but i am proud :) So Crits everyone.
  13. A

    my new sig/avantar need critz!

    i need your critz. This is the 3thd time i use photoshoop so i am the bigest n00b in it... but here is my new sig/avantar SIG: AVANTAR: This Web banner i made for a CS clan: And at last my avantar i use in the "CS" forums so... what do you guys think? // ZioN
  14. Vegito1180

    SSJ4 Vegeta

    I am working on a ssj4 vegeta skin here's http://www.geocities.com/vegitomodelor/VegetaSSJ4Promo.jpg (the pic quality is crapy beacuse of paint) is the link to it and i am planning to redo the chest using adobe photoshop and jasc phototshop pro.tell me what you think?(Oh This Model Isnt Mine I...
  15. Majin Sephiroth

    look at my sweet avatar :)

    i gots a dude to combine two gif files together :) it looks sweet aye........steal it and I KILL YOU :)
  16. Optional

    Optional art topic

    i got bored and i screwed around with photoshop and i made an ava...i think... what ya think? i may make an matchin sig
  17. Z

    New Akira Wallpapers !

    Which looks best ?
  18. Megasaxon

    new sig, and avatar, and rr splash

    ok, well, yeh ^avatar sig, is, in my sig and as for the rr splash: www.resistance-resonator.com and yeah. :o
  19. Megasaxon

    Bask in the glory that is......

    ...nevermind that, just have a gander at my new avatar and sig :) and stuff :p
  20. GhostfaceKillah

    my new avatar!!!

    check it out thanks to www.eyesondesign.net for the tutorial