1. Megasaxon

    New sig/avatar

    Not that anyone really cares, but im bored, so you all can look at my new avatar and sig. so, ner! :P *gets back to working on site*
  2. G

    Models in alpha2

    Hello i'am french and i speak a little english !!! I don't see all of the model in 2.0 !!! is it normal ??? And what is the avancement of the beta ??? Can someone please help me !!! in french if he can or in english !! Thanks at all team and at you
  3. S

    new ava

    i have found a new ava please put it in my profile http://server38.hypermart.net/deadlymaster/vegit.png
  4. L

    Rogat Final!!!!!!!

    ROGAT final is out!!! I's made by my own hands and it's really cool! Everybody who wants that great map email me under [email protected] or ICQ me under 129238598! Oh, look at poll!!!
  5. A

    like my avitar?

    hey everyone.. i made a avitar all by myself!! tell me what u think oh and this is the large version since iss hard to make that one out
  6. A


    Hey, where can i find a pikkon avatar.