1. Vladius

    Atack on Swoop

    Hi everyone, Is it real to add shooting Ki-blasts or generic beams when swooping if it is real i'm suggesting to add this P.S. additional Ki burn included :) Thank's for your attention
  2. mac1029

    atack ideas for 1.3

    Buu: he should be able to throw his fat like he did to Vegeta. it could knock your opponent back or something. Goku: none Gohan: his sheild should be more usefull. (you can melee the guy in the sheild.) also teamates should be able to be protected if thier in it.(they shouldnt be able to...
  3. Majin Pool

    New suicide atack mode

    I would find it cool if you would put in a key, so you could killyourelsf LIKE when you are vegeta, you rip out your heart like in the show, and if you are goku, you do of your shoes and smell your own shoes, and then you die of the smelling, like in the show. And if you are gohan, you cut...
  4. jp

    Ginyu atack, again.

    Okay, i don't know if that ginyu goon is gonna get a changing beam, but if he gets it, i think the body changing should weak ginyu. Look at the show, he got Goku's body, and he was fast, but when he tried to power up, his power-level is only 24.000, while ginyu in normal body was 110.000, and...
  5. Majin Pool

    A devastating atack for Vegeta

    I have seen allot of suggestions for Vegeta atacks. I maybe have a cool atack, and i know this kind of atack has been sugested before, but i think this is a little different. Okay, those who have played Bid For Power, know that there is a some sort of anger atack. You see a bol of energy...
  6. jp

    Trunks slash atack

    I an other topic, they were saying that trunks has a disadvantage. And i sugested the slash atack. But people keep saying that the sword gibs, wel i've never seen the sword gib. So made up the slash atack, it is like this: You select your sword, and you charge it like a beam. You...
  7. V

    New game mode (with special powers) + New atack

    New Game Mode: Figh over the world: Goal: Char. limitation is automaticly set to 1 and both team figh eachother 2Vs 2 This is cause of reasons: Special ability's, but id one is out mostly the others loses his ability's. Teams: -Good: -Goku & Gohan -Piccolo & Krillin -Vegeta &...
  8. T

    Fix for unlisted Frieza Atack (Telekinesis)

    You could fix that by Beta 1.2 Patch1, because you just have to edit the text file (Friezas char descritpion).
  9. jp

    Desperation ATACK

    Maybe this this idea has been posted already, but i tought it could be usefull. Everytime your health drops below ten, your most important atack, becomes four times the size en more powerfull, after the atack, you'l die.
  10. C

    from where can I download broly's atack

    so from where
  11. Prozac

    new Frieza atack

    Oke first off I ain't gonna ad a poll cuz I get sick of those things :) But I wuz reading a post, and I heard an idea for a new frieza attack I have know Idea how it should be used in game but I really like the idea behind it maybe it good work like, you shoot it @ a guy and it captures...
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