1. xstortionist

    some pretty good news i assume for ESF future

    We'll recently I have had some theives still artwork off of my FTP for a company I am co-owner of, and we had to get a patent attourney to help us with trademark and copyright laws. While we got everything taken care of for Leather Lid Inserts I also had my whole art portfolio be turned in also...
  2. I

    chibi trunks

    Here's my chibi trunks skin and this is how far i got on it....:smile: It would look better if i didnt save it as .jpg credits: dunno i got it off a french website
  3. Dr. Zaius

    SSJ3 Vegeta

    Has anyone ever made/seen an SSJ3 Vegeta model? I assume this never appeared in the series, but I figure it wouldn't be too difficult to imagine what he'd look like, looking at Goku's SSJ3....If anyone knows of a SSJ3 Vegeta model, plz let me know? I think it would look really sweet.
  4. L


    Ok new map.... nc_desert screen shots i took the screen shots in valve hammer editor becouse i haven't compilie it yet, im just about to.... and i just hope the fps are ok... well tell me what ya think...
  5. Marauder

    new sig:critz

    hey, yes, i made anoher one ^^. what do you think?(not done yet) all thanks to Ryoko
  6. S

    Okay, Mapping Programs?

    I hate Worldcraft. It has constantly tried to foil me at every mapping attempt I made. So screw it. Is there any, free, mapping tool out there for me? A simple one with lots of clear, detailed tutorials that don't assume you know where everything is? Please? And if anyone, so help me god...