1. Goku.Jr.

    Can Custom models be made for ESF Final? Help with 3d modelers / artists?

    New to the forums , hi. I'm experienced in 3d modeling and texture uv wrapping/unwrapping. I have made many projects in starcraft 2 associating with custom models. I also know a bit of animating and rigging models and I'm continuing to learn it in my college. I use 3ds max and photoshop. I'm...
  2. B

    All Photoshop artists click here!

    My sister wants a 22" by 8" 'poster' I guess you could call it that says "My Life Be Like" (i guess it's a song?) in a graffiti like text. I would do it myself, but I haven't worked with photoshop for so long I forgot how to do pretty much everything. Anyone who takes on this task is kick ass...
  3. KYnetiK

    Something to Revolutionise Computer Artists ...

    Sneak peek of Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop Source: Texture synthesis is an epic win for laziness :D Discuss
  4. R

    texture generator. something for all 3D artists

    i found this site while browsing the web it's some sort of texture generator and i donwloaded the demo. it looks really good and takes away a lot of work. it costs 24 bucks though. (damnit why can't i have any money?..or a paypal thing nevertheless)
  5. Synth

    Calling All Sig Artists

    In the best interest of the current status of sig requesting, I ask you to PM me ASAP if you still make requested sigs on a consistant basis. We need to redo the list of available sig makers, and if you feel you should be added, don't hesitate to PM me. - Current List: Dark Vegeta13...
  6. Suh Dude

    Anthony - A famous name for many artists?

    Some reason, I think the name Anthony is a name for many artists, why? I have a friend name Anthony and he has drawing skills that are amazing, another friends of friends that do graphics and his name is also Anthony. Then I have a online friend that models and his name is Anthony. Then my mom's...
  7. M

    Artists of the World Unite (...and other cheesy titles)

    Help a fellow artist out, and get great art to boot. There's a charity auction to help a friend that a bunch of us at the PA forums put together. Spread the Love Take a look, I have a couple things up there as well, though it's not the best work of the auction by far.
  8. J

    are there any concept artists out there?

    i need a front view and a profile view of goku, raditz, and vegeta (goku in normal ssj and ssj3) any help would be greatly appreciated...
  9. Almighty_Gir

    are there any concept artists out there?

    i need a front view and a profile view of goku, raditz, and vegeta (goku in normal ssj and ssj3) any help would be greatly appreciated...
  10. S

    Calling all good artists!

    I have a business, and its called ""SniperX and Joe's bike repair" and I need a really good sign for it! i need it to take up the whole piece of paper. I want it to say ""SniperX and Joe's bike repair" and some pics of ssj3 goku on it. I need this pic to be REALLY good! Thanks, REVERSE
  11. G

    Who's the best artist(s)?

    Disturbed Godsmack System of a Down Children of Bodom Linkin Park R.E.M Matrix Soundtracks I listen to these when im playing ESF and when im not. Whats ur list?
  12. M

    ROUND 2

    Well i see my first EDITED BG didnt hit the spot i will try again with an complete MY BG *EDIT* Keep in mind its my First I hope u like CRITZ
  13. Naz

    All artists READ

    There is a new rule on both sig and artwork forums If you used free textures, custom brushes, free backgrounds or anything else you did not create, you have to give credit to the person who made it (preferably with a link to his or her site). If this is not done then this will be seen as...
  14. Marauder

    new wp

    here is a new one :) inspired by enlightment by naz, thenks man ^_~ (i did it alone thaugh, the idea is from his work :))
  15. Twilight

    Lookin For Artists

    Hey everyone I am looking for some artists good at drawing either freehand or on the PC Workin on a fanfic and I need some artists to develop some concept artwork and possibly many final ones If you are good with PC artwork, you need to be able to make a character with either color or...
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    Willing to do a collab work with someone..

    Is anyone interested? I'll make a image, and extend it, making it say, like a mural. Everyone has their own section about 200-400 px wide..and with 3-5 artists, we make one huge collaborative art-piece. Anyone interested?
  17. TimTheEnchantor

    Some good music to listen to whilst creating..

    Beethoven, Mozart, Techno(i mean if you just listen to it and create, you can create alot of things). Studies have shown that people work better on beats rather than hard-core music... But anyhow..just a little blog to get some of your minds going if it helps you at's some of what...
  18. TimTheEnchantor

    What I think of all of the artists here..

    I think everyone here has been improving very much. There's just not a few good artists , there's many. This is a great community(although we have some bad apples), I think that it will grow even more and become very well-known. Kudos to all of you. Tim.
  19. Vegeta's Briefs

    I need a good artist!

    Okay, I will rephrase what I said. Someone has suggested that for my fanfic in Off-Topic, I should draw pictures of the characters. Now, my scanner is broken, and I don't know that many artists from this forum. I am asking if you can draw half-way decent, PM me. I will give you character...
  20. B

    ESF Image Request

    Hi Fellas, I'm BoMo from JuegosOnline.Com and i'm in charge of the Mods and Patches Section of Our Site. What I need is a little img of ESF (160x160 pixels) like this one: (This is just an example you may see where the image will go following this link). So I can place ESF as the Mod...