1. Fusion Ha

    Goku and Goku SSJ in Yardrat armor

    I'm doing the skin for Yardrat armor, mind it's my first :P I hope I'll do it good enough :) The models I'm using are Vassago's, and I will also use parts of his skins (face, hair, etc.) plucked that one of google :) that's the armor im gonna get him into.
  2. Nuttzy

    Armor me thread, ESF version

    like the original thread over at polycount, (i was not the author of that one), I will post a basic male model, and you guys (i will participate too) will model armor over and around him any style of armor will do, whether it be medieval, modern day, or futuristic. this is the model you will...
  3. dany_goku

    Goku saiyan armor ref

    I took some pictures found on Google and continued them in MSPaint. Hope this makes a good ref pic. If anyone decides to make a model after this please post 'em.
  4. T

    Goku saiyan armor model

    Hi, I will try to explain my problem correctly and I hope that anybody can help me out: I use Milkshape for making models, I read the CS girl tut but I don't understand all of it. I wanted to make a Goku saiyan armor model for SSJ 2. I took the body of the saiyan armor model (it only...
  5. KilledWithStyle

    Hazard Suit vs. Master Chief Armor

    Simple question, would you rather have a Hazard Suit (HL/HL2) or a Master Chief Suit (Halo/Halo2). I say Hazard Suit all the way. 3 reasons. 1) Gordon Freeman is cool 2) 3) "Have a verry, safe, day" (female voice that the suit says) Note: This is NOT a HL2 vs...
  6. Killface

    Master Cheif Armor

    Hey, Is there a website where I can buy the same MJOLINR armor that master cheif wears, There is a site where you can buy it special made to fit you but I cant find it. I want to buy some of that armor for paintball and stuff. "The Screen Savers" (now known as "Attack of the Show") on G4TV had...
  7. Herms


    this is a basic easy thing to do add the H.E.V. armor and call it an enegry barrier side idea: sence its enegry it should gradually regenerate
  8. T

    Armor gohan(W.I.P)

    Here's a little model and skin edit I did of esf's trunkshead and the armorcrillinbody of the infamous Cheeseman!! ;) I'm totally not satisfied yet with the armor and skin so I'll see to update those once in a while...
  9. W

    Final Trunks Armor Pack 1.1 !!!!!!

    well i got nothing to say i releasing this trunks models pack after my edit... readme: This is Armor trunks form cell sega by Pro Edits for 1.0 ESF and now it is 1.1 with buges out and more animations ! creadits: th3pr0 =M=DarkVegeta tnx. hope u enjoy it it will be aveiled to...
  10. W

    Gohan armor WIP

    hey guys me again... look i making this gohan armor model: but i got prob i dont know how to assign the bones thing!! tell me what to do and tell me what buttons to press!!
  11. W

    Trunks Armor done :D 1.1 compile

    i edit the trunks armor that in ESF WORLD to 1.1 beta and i put new movements and also edit the model :D hmmmm pic? ya :D ! : tell me where to upload it? some1 can host it for me? cause i cant upload it in angelfire or lycos :( wtf is crits?
  12. G

    Armor trunks long hair or short

    please can somewone tell me where i can get armor trunks from cell saga i have searched in the topics but nothing found does somebody know where??? :cry:
  13. M

    trunks with armor

    does anyone know where i can get a trunks with an armor and long hair :confused:
  14. M

    wheres the saiyan armor trunks?

    well its like this. i havent played esf in a while, and last week i started playing it again. i was trying to find a saiyan armor trunks, i know there is a good one (from s-bolt if im correct..) but now that red saiyan is down i cant find it anymore. i tried every site (even the ones that are...
  15. SteveoDBGT

    ***Trunks with armor***

    Does anyone have a link to download Trunks with the armor from the Cell saga and long hair? Like in this picture. Cause that would be :yes: Also does anyone have this map? Cause i wouldnt mind that too!
  16. G

    Trunks with armor in cell saga

    Hi everyone, I want that skin. You can see a picture of what i want here I searched on every website at but i didn't find what i wanted. If anyone wants to send me that skin by...
  17. Goten-son

    Saiyan Armor

    well heres an idea i just thought of lol, why not have saiyan armor spread through some stages like senzu beans, and when you pick it up it makes all attacks hurt u about 20% less or something for a set amount of time so people can't keep it on for a long time
  18. S

    can someone tell me where i can get a armor trunks model with short hair

    HI All, Please someone tell me where to get a armor trunks model with short hair!! ( id like it to be a good model ) If u know where one is or u have one plz let me have it ( if you do THANK YOU!! :D )
  19. E

    saiyan armor gohan

    hey modelers, Ive got a great idea for gohan...instead of the uniform from the battle with cell, he would look alot better if he had the saiyan armor from the last of the freiza saga with his short hair cut, i think that would look really really good, its just a suggestion. no offence to the...
  20. I

    cell jr SKIN

    i have re-edited this Cell Model which was NOT!! made by ME!! ICEMAN!! i RESKINNED it.. although i did NOT model it... is that clear for yall crits... ok now here's the link credits to: i do not know... if anyone recognizes that model and know who made it please inform me A.S.A.P and once...