1. The Deco


  2. A

    Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

    In the works.
  3. Snowm@n

    Angry Video Game Nerd - Micheal

    So, when I need a good humour I usually check out if there are any new videos from him, because this guy can be f*****g hilarious sometimes. But the new MICHEAL JACKSON review it just a must see. Just press "Game trailers" I had a good lol once...
  4. M

    Angry Nintendo Nerd This is a must see.
  5. Deman

    Can you escape from the angry pajama man? I didn't screeny it, but my best score was in the lower 700s
  6. DragonDude

    Mr. Angry and Mrs. Calm Weird optical illusion! Look at the picture, then step away a distance from your monitor and they'll switch places. For some reason, Mr. Angry reminds me of the G-Man. D;
  7. VivaLaPineapple


    i play ragnarokonline and this month they had a skin event contest. i submitted a skin and i wasnt expecting to win but the winner they chose is bs. i damn well know my skin looks better than the one they chose in game. but u guys eb the judge. i may eb a bit biased towards my own work my...
  8. OubliezJe

    Angry Kid

    How many of you have seen that little sereis? I think its Hilarious, i for one, like Season 1 better, but decide for yourself. if you see season 2 make srue you see the piss one.
  9. Tweek

    ..>TGW< Saiyan Saga Pak

    ..Ok a little wile ago Maistro (>TGW< Leader) asked me if i could make a Saiyan Saga Pak 4 him and os i got started :S. i havnt worked on it due 2 bein WAY 2 busy but i hav now started doin it again and came up with the idea not only 4 new Chars but New maps, Sprites, Sounds, GFX. In other word...
  10. G

    Did you saw the model on the homepage???

    Did you saw the model on the homepage??? Great model and skin but th middle picture looks a little strange... what do toy think?
  11. Suh Dude

    ***est Drawing ever OMG i Need to go to the bathroom

    don't make fun of my my digital pen isn't working right(Think i drop it in the toilet) Dare Laugh and i kill you forever!
  12. C

    AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! that is angry yell

    i dont get it the graphics are all blocky and i can't find any servers it always says at the bottom "Couldnt find any servers"
  13. A

    Auron's Place

    before i receive any harsh comments, i only started making sprites yesterday so im still new to this stuff. anywhoi made a new sprite, it kinda has depth, but i used a gradient wave to achieve it. had to make two versions cos the first was out of the sprite area and part of it was cut off :(...
  14. G

    SSJ 2 Gohan with goku clothes model

    :] Hey does anyone know where i can find a SSJ 2 Gohan Model with goku clothes this thread has been posted by someone before but now im checking to see if anyone had has one yet please dont respond in an angry way im jyst askin.....:yes:
  15. G

    kidbuu skin

    <majindave> modelled and skinmapped me skin

    (Megasaiyan)Gohan (not ssj3).

    I changed the hair and the eyes a little bit. I think it looks cool. ***EDIT*** Tell me what you think. ***EDIT*** If you want to see the pic just click on the link and tell me what do you think about it by posting in this thread.
  17. |Da|K|

    ANOTHER.SIG (rateplz)

    ok guyz take a look at my new i personaly think this is my best sig yet..... take a look
  18. B


    I Found this one picture but but its not really mine but hey i found it and its cool if you can't see it well copy and paste this link
  19. Skyrider

    a angry power idea!

    i whas thining about angry attack,, just like in the cartoon,, they get angry when losing friends, or they lose, like goku, vegetta, gohan, etc etc. i whas thinging about a BAR ( and NO attack ) when you get hit or beated up, and losing beams, your angry bar gets higher and higher...
  20. S

    Sig, By SwordMaster

    anyways devers closed my last thread because i add'et it in offtopic, well at the text to off-topic it says: "Off-Topic Come here to talk about anything NOT related to Earth's Special Forces. This is where you can test your sigs, and do other miscellaneous things." doesent that mean that...