1. Suh Dude

    Wow, my old skins are still alive.

    Ha, I went through ESF-World, and I still see my old skins on there. Its been converted to 1.2. Ha, people still love me. =P Both models are by Kreshi. I...
  2. C

    calm down folks, 1.3's alive

    a few reasons why this letter isnt real: number 1: the link of the picture on the mainpage is number 2: the link mentioned in the letter leads to the copyrightpage of funimation. it sais: All materials on this Site, including, but not limited...
  3. G

    SOS Alive!!!!

    Ok i just found out that SOS is alive. But it says UT2K4 Mod. so if anyone here on there team plz tell me that it might still be for quake 3 or it might still be torque powered
  4. G

    SOS Alive!!!!

    Ok i just found out that SOS is alive. But it says UT2K4 Mod. so if anyon here on there tam plz tell that it might still be for quake 3 of it might still be torque powered
  5. Kaination

    I feel, like the dumbest man alive.

    Most of you know, I broke my shoulder. For about a week now I've been moaning and complaining with nothing to do. Just now I look at my PS2, Pick up the controller, and voila,, I can play ps2. I just have to sit sideways. :p :p :p wish i knew that earlier ;/ thought i'd share <_<
  6. J

    Dead or Alive Ultimate with Live options. I'm gonna get it this week. just looks so sweet like DOA3 ;) people around here that already have it? also is the live option a bit lag-free, I heard in some reviews that it's pretty seamless...
  7. D

    ITS ALIVE! The DBZ Movie is Alive!

    from Posted by Tapion on 06-05-2004 10:23 Special thanks to Belbright9 and This comes right from the mouth of MrZ (the moderator for DBZ Live Action Movie Forums): "Mr.Z here, You have been waiting for some news and...
  8. E

    Still alive for now!

    I am still breathing which is a good thing. see you all in a couple months. I am deploying tomorrow night... PEACE!
  9. C

    Beam eats player alive!

    Let me explain: When a dude has 30% less PL than you and when he runs out of ki in a block struggle the beam will go threw him.(Like gohan did with cell) Get it?Like it? :cool:
  10. Synth

    The Finest Girl Alive

    Choose 1 of the 10 or add your own to the list. Im just curious what the forum as a whole considers to be sexy. If I left someone out let me know :). I would have to say that Ashanti has the perfect "legs", face, and body.
  11. |Da|K|

    feel the light(clockwork remake)

    i tryed to make a remake of clock work watcha think?
  12. GMan

    ESF Is very much Alive now

    ^^ There's a boatload of fast servers with 6+ people in them.. never seen it so active
  13. I

    Modelling (damn)

    Can someone tell how i convert .ms3d to .mdl? i´m just noob model maker :I
  14. Stanz

    New ESF Icon

    Here's my first icon made for esf ATLAST... Download: here <<< Right Click > 'Save Target As...' Read below to see how I finnaly got there :) ----- How I Got There: --- I doubt ive finished this for now it is just a couple of examples of the idea I was using to create a new ESF...
  15. dudeman

    800x600 WP of my drawings

    i made a 800x wp outta my "dudeman" drawings.. i dont really like the bg, coult get it the way i wanted.. but still i like the wp myself.. i wanted to make it 1024x but then the pics would be too washed out or too small for the wp oh and there are also some new dudeman drawings in it :)
  16. Mr. Satans

    Me Ish Shtill Alive!

    Haha! I'm back biatch! I have been playing my favorite extremely addictive game> DARK AGES for the last month, but my account just expired so now its time to pwn on ESF again...until I re-reg :p Here are some pics of me playing Dark Ages: Me sending a fake info message to some newb...
  17. M

    you guys should really do something with dead and alive

    like this,a gametype when someone was killed he returns with halo and when he dies again hes really gone,and go on like that until whole the team is gone,when a teammate kills someone of the opposing team then a member of your team gets his life back etc.when 1 time is whole killed,the winning...
  18. [SoB]-Bones-

    best SiG ever

    ... this dont needs words ... ... this is just , the coolest sig alive ^^ ... ... this is NOT ME ON THIS PICTURE !!! ...
  19. S

    Tupac Is Alive

    im sorry but i needed to say that and yes its true i got is new album witch isnt released yet ;) and he's sending a message to everyone "im comin nigga" beileve im comin back like you beileve in jesus im comin nigga" in his last song on the album well all i say you must get it and listen to it...
  20. Kuyuaga

    Im still alive! ( Who cares?, lol )

    This is really spam, and probaly gonna get flamed but....I haven't been on this forum in A-G-E-S, been busy with other things. So just to tell you that I'm back, lol. ....I'm gonna get sooooooo flamed